What’s the secret code for tackling scholarships and lesser-known opportunities? How is it that only a few from the smartest coterie get to crack them? First comes awareness and then a finely-drawn plan to ace it. Quality education is promising, but unfortunately not accessible for all. Its price tag compels students to settle for colleges far from their expectations. Also, the lack of awareness about opportunities confines them into careers nowhere near their capabilities and interests. We strive to be your guide in securing scholarships and unlocking opportunities, helping you make the most out of college.

Why Scholarship Track?

Google would give you a thousand unfiltered lists, costing you tedious hours of research every month to discover the relevant scholarships. And, once you get there, what if you are way past the deadline? Having faced similar experiences, we embarked on a trail to help students explore and track their scholarships. Scholarship Track began its journey by acquainting aspirants with stories of past scholars and achievers. Thereby we could help the  aspirants draw insights from the scholars’ experiences, and use it for their scholarship applications.

But as  we grow, we realize the need of the hour is much more than that for a 20-something. Hence we are expanding ourselves by building a community of students to explore and unlock opportunities.

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What’s in store for students?

15 days, 450,000 views, and over 2.8K followers on LinkedIn later, we are updating our mission. We are off to build the world’s largest community of students for accessing scholarships and other opportunities, by connecting them with a global cohort. Helping you build a stellar career right after college isn’t on our list. We focus on the path before, introducing you to a plethora of opportunities and helping you tackle them. As our name goes, we track those opportunities for you, right from introducing them, to helping you flaunt them in your resumes.

Scholarship Track has in the past featured recipients of GHC, Women Tech Makers, The President’s Volunteer Service Award (USA), and many more. With every dawn, we are receiving greater support and love from our audience. Hence, we are expanding our boundaries, our mission, and our ways of assisting students in building a career from scratch. While others  focus on polishing your existing resume and helping you crack job interviews, we focus on getting you those  initial experiences for your resume.

Helping students secure scholarships

Scholarships are often considered to be a prodigy’s call. Likewise, letting price tags of dream colleges define one’s career is the norm. At Scholarship Track we are resolute in breaking these myths. Our #ScholarshipSeries brings to you awe-inspiring stories of past scholars, application and interview insights,  and a much-celebrated mentorship program with them. Our live Q&A sessions will give you a chance to interact with them and  get all your scholarship related queries cleared. We are pressing-forward your scholarship game as your guide, helping you make the most out of college.

Making opportunities accessible to all

How often do you come across the United Nations Volunteers program? Or lesser-known opportunities for students, offered by Google, KPMG, and Bloomberg, perfectly aligning your academic pursuits? For the ones looking for opportunities- fellowships, exchange programs, and more, our #OpportunitySeries brings everything in one place. Through our unparalleled, research-backed resources, we present the finest opportunities from across the globe. From Google STEP and Goldman Sachs summits to remote programs on the other side of the world, we are helping you seize it all. Stay tuned to our social media updates and weekly newsletter for such opportunities. We solve the biggest problem young aspirants face- lack of awareness, followed by deprival of constant guidance. 

Scholarship Track community 

 From daily updates on upcoming opportunities on our social media platforms to resume and application critique sessions, we have got you covered with an indispensable career kit. To keep yourselves posted, you can subscribe to our weekly newsletter and monthly/quarterly deadline updates on the blog. This is not it! Coupled with recipient interviews and the mentorship program, we are hosting live Q&A sessions to get you real insider insights. What’s better than learning about an opportunity from its past achiever and drawing a connection from his experiences to your own life? We want to ensure that you are well aware of these opportunities and can hear from the students who already unlocked them. Through our Youtube Channel, we are creating a platform for you to interact with us and get your queries cleared from past achievers. Stay tuned for wholesome, informative content that would help you ace your applications and interviews. Through Slack, we are building a strong community of students supporting each other. Join us there to be part of insightful discussions with past scholars and fellow aspirants. Be it interview tips or guidance for an application, we are at your fingertips- free of charge!

 Whitelist us, as we take you for a run around the hidden world of opportunities at the right time- scholarships, special internships, exchange programs, fellowships, and more focusing on a cosmopolitan set of students. We strive to elevate your experiences as a student achiever by taking the lack of awareness to the backseat. Say goodbye to missing out on deadlines and remote opportunities. Stay updated with our fast-growing online community and create a well-connected network of scholars, and like-minded aspirants. Why limit yourselves when you can put your dreams on your resumes?

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