Europe is a continent of diverse cultures and infinite possibilities. It’s more than a travel destination- some of the most renowned universities and scholarships in the world are from Europe, and it’s certainly a place where you can acquire a plethora of knowledge just from your experiences. Here are some of the most stellar scholarships whose application and deadline dates fall under the next three months.

2)Danish Government Scholarships for Non- EU/ EEA Students- Denmark

3)Gates Cambridge Scholarships for International Students- UK

4)Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford University for International Students- UK

5) Leiden University Excellence Scholarships (LexS)-Netherlands

6) DAAD Scholarships in Germany for Development-Related Postgraduate Courses- Germany


1) Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Scholars and Artists- Switzerland:

About- Each year, the Swiss Confederation awards the Government Excellence Scholarships to promote international exchange and research cooperation between Switzerland and over 180 other countries. 

Field- Doctoral or Postdoctoral Studies or Research in any discipline

Application and deadline- From August-November 30th tentatively, varies depending on the country the applicant is from. 

Eligibility- The research scholarship is available to postgraduate scholars in any discipline (having a master’s degree at least) planning to come to Switzerland for research or further studies at doctoral or postdoctoral level.

Requirements/ Selection criteria- Selection is based on

a) Candidate profile

b) Quality of the research project or artistic work

c) Synergies and potential for future research cooperation.

Amount/ What it covers- The scholarship includes a monthly payment, exemption of tuition fees, health insurance, air fare, housing allowance, etc., as applicable.

Apply here!

2)Danish Government Scholarships for Non- EU/ EEA Students- Denmark

About- A number of scholarships offered by the Denmark Government’s Ministry of Education to qualified international students from countries outside the European Union/ European Economic Area. 

Field- Eligible full-time Higher Education Programmes offered at participating HEIs in Denmark.

Application and deadline- Open for applying now, till tentatively the end of September.

Eligibility- The scholarship is available to anyone who is a citizen of a country outside the EU, the European Economic Area or Switzerland, is enrolled in a full degree higher education programme and has been granted a time-limited residence permit in Denmark due to education.

Requirements/Selection Criteria- The Danish institutions of higher education will each decide which students will receive a scholarship and which will not, so they need to be consulted for their respective entry requirements, course descriptions, deadlines and student services.

Amount/ What it covers- Full or Partial Tuition fee Waivers and/or grants towards covering your living costs, depending on the higher education institution of choice. 

Apply here!

3)Gates Cambridge Scholarships for International Students- UK

About- The Gates Cambridge Scholarships are awarded to outstanding applicants from countries outside the UK to pursue a full-time postgraduate degree in any subject available at the University of Cambridge.

Field- PhD, MSc or MLitt, or a one-year postgraduate course in any subject offered at the University.

Application and deadline- Applications for 2021 will open early September, the deadline is likely to be the first week of October.

Eligibility- It is open to citizens of any country outside the United Kingdom applying to pursue PHD, MSc/ MLitt or one-year Postgraduate full-time residential courses of study at the University of Cambridge.

Requirements/ Selection CriteriaA student with outstanding intellectual ability and leadership potential, strong reasons for choice of course and a commitment to improving the lives of others will be considered for the scholarship. 

Amount/ What it covers- Full cost scholarships that cover tuition fees, maintenance allowance, travel costs, etc. are available. It also provides additional discretionary funding such as academic development funding, family allowance, fieldwork, etc. 

Apply here!

4)Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford University for International Students- UK

About- The Rhodes Scholarships are postgraduate awards supporting exceptional all-round students at the University of Oxford. Established in the will of Cecil Rhodes in 1902, the Rhodes is the oldest and perhaps the most prestigious international scholarship program in the world.

Field- Subject to limited restrictions, Rhodes Scholars may study any full-time postgraduate degree at the University of Oxford.

Application and deadline- Applications are open and are expected to go on till September/October.

Eligibility- Each applicant must fulfil the citizenship and residency requirements of the Rhodes constituency for which they are applying. Age-limit varies from 18-28, but it depends on the constituency. Applicants must have achieved sufficiently advanced academic qualifications. 

Requirements/ Selection Criteria- All candidates for the Scholarship should read the information about the Scholarships in the country-specific page to read the application criteria.

Amount/ What it covers- All University and College fees; the University application fee; a living stipend (£15,144 per annum); one economy class airfare to Oxford at the start of the scholarship and one economy flight back to the student’s home country at the conclusion of the scholarship. 

Apply here!

5) Leiden University Excellence Scholarships (LexS)-Netherlands

About-The Leiden University Excellence Scholarship Programme (LExS) is open to outstanding Non-EU/EEA students enrolling in a full-time master’s degree programme at Leiden University.

Field-All Masters programmes (except regular LLM programmes) in the following faculties: Archaeology, Humanities, Medicine/LUMC, Governance and Global Affairs, Law, Social and Behavioural Sciences, Science, African Studies Centre and International Institute for Asian Studies.

Application and deadline- Applicants must apply by the end of September/ October 1st.

Eligibility-Students must be from non-EU/ EEA countries and must have achieved excellent study results in their previous education, this being relevant to the Master’s programme for which they are applying. Applicants must have a non-EEA passport and will not be eligible for support under the Dutch system of study grants and loans (Studiefinanciering).

Requirements/ Selection Criteria- Applicants must indicate clearly that they would like to apply for the LExS scholarship and upload their letter of motivation for the LExS scholarship on the scholarship page.

Amount/ What it covers- Leiden University Excellence Scholarship (LexS) 2020 provides the recipient with the following benefits:

  • € 15,000 of the tuition fee
  • € 10,000 of the tuition fee
  • Total tuition fee minus the statutory tuition fee.

Apply here!

6) DAAD Scholarships in Germany for Development-Related Postgraduate Courses- Germany.

About- The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) scholarships are for international students from developing and newly industrialized countries from all disciplines and with at least two years’ professional experience, an opportunity to earn a postgraduate or Master’s degree at a state or state-recognized German university, and in exceptional cases to take a doctoral degree and obtain a university qualification (Master’s/PhD) in Germany.

Field- It covers Masters or PhD courses in Economic Sciences/Business Administration/Political Economics, Development Cooperation, Engineering and Related Sciences, Mathematics, Regional and Urban Planning, Agricultural and Forest Sciences, Natural and Environmental Sciences, Medicine and Public Health, Social Sciences, Education and Law and Media Studies.

Application and deadline- The call for applications has been made and the deadline varies from August to December depending on the course and institution.

Eligibility- The applicant must be someone who works either for a public authority, state or private company in a developing country and must be engaged in the planning and execution of directives and projects with emphasis on development policies having a bearing on technological, economic or social areas. He or she is expected to hold a Bachelor’s degree (normally four years) in a related subject that is a maximum of 6 years old and must have at least two years of work experience in his/her respective field. 

Requirements/Selection Criteria- The applicant must have completed an academic degree with far above average results (upper third) and ideally at least two years of related professional experience after the first degree (bachelor). The requirement of German or English Language is dependent on the degree program of choice.

Amount/ What it covers- Postgraduate students get 750 Euros as a monthly stipend. Students who come under the Doctoral degree enjoy a monthly stipend of 1000 Euros. The students will also receive health insurance allowance and travel grants. 

Apply here!

These are some of the many academic opportunities offered by universities in Europe. They offer international students a chance to explore these culturally rich nations while earning a degree from top-notch institutions, with financial support. Ensure that you make the most of it!

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