Job hunting can be a tedious process but it is unavoidable. The anxiety that follows this is also unending. Nonetheless, with the right amount of effort and hardwork, it will certainly turn out to be fruitful and rewarding in the end. However tedious it might get, this process helps us to become the right candidate for our dream job. If you are a Potterhead, you would know that Hermione’s fastidious and systematic approach would work out rather than Harry relying on his inherent talent to win a Quidditch match. So along with your skills, brush up on those finer details and become recruitment ready to land your dream job.

Let’s make this interesting. As you read on, keep a tab on what you did and what you did not do, to assess yourself at the end.

1. Thoroughly read the job description

Before blindly jumping in and filling all the fields in the application form, take the time to read through the job description. Rather than skimming through it, go through the following details:

  • The post you are applying for
  • The location of work
  • The perks and benefits
  • The necessary skills required

This will give you a rough idea about what the employer expects from an ideal candidate which in turn will simplify your preparation process to a great extent.

2. Research about the company you are applying for

Visit the company’s website and familiarize yourself with the way it works. Read through the reviews about the company on Glassdoor or reach out to your seniors who work in that company through LinkedIn. Try searching for information about the company that is in sync with the role you are applying for. After all, information is wealth! 

“Why do you want to join our company?”

If this question pops up, you should not be at a loss of words. Being able to answer such questions is a clear indication of how dedicated and committed you are.

Now that you have a clear-cut idea, you would have figured out a plan on how to go about the entire process.

3. Reacquaint with your skill stack

From this point, it’s hard work that matters. Your skills will be the crucial deciding factor to nail your chance to get an interview. Whether it’s your tech skills or soft skills, work on them until you get the basics right.

4. Prepare for the screening tests

Companies want to hire the top talent and hence use screening tests to filter out candidates. With no predefined syllabus, these tests test our cognitive and analytical skills, tech stack, aptitude and personality, and most importantly problem-solving skills. Google and dig out the highly probable questions, then come up with a strategy to ace them. 

Great job so far! You are halfway through the process. Keep reading.

5. Keep your social media profiles updated

Companies are also very curious about your presence on social media. They often run background checks to analyze what kind of person you are and the most convenient way to do so is through social media profiles. Hence, keep your LinkedIn profile up to date by filling in the recent work experience, internships, research work, leadership activities, and the projects you have done so far. Delete those irrelevant posts from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram that can hinder your progress.

6. Tailor your resume according to the position

Your resume is the ticket to your success. The HR scans through your resume within a few seconds and forms that unchangeable first impression. Hence it is of utmost importance to include only the relevant information that aligns with the company’s requirements. In short, customize your resume according to the position you are applying for.

Keep the following points in mind while preparing your resume:

  • Keep the resume professional, simple and short, up to a maximum of two pages.
  • Use a standard template or make use of online resume editors like Novoresume.
  • Fix typos and follow a specified format for layout.
  • Filter out irrelevant information like unprofessional email-ids, date of birth, etc
  • Highlight your internship experiences and research publications.
  • Be proud of your accomplishments.
  • Use facts and figures to support what you have written.
  • Volunteering experiences and certifications are an added advantage.
  • Never write something that you are not confident about.
  • Finally, ask someone knowledgeable to proofread it.
  • Always keep hard copies of your resume with you.

7. Know your resume well

As ridiculous as it sounds, it should not be overlooked. The recruiters do not know you beforehand and hence use your resume to evaluate you. Many candidates do not take the pain to read through the resume before their interview. They end up faltering when a question is asked straight out from their resumes. Go through every nook and corner of your resume and get familiarized with it just before the interview.

8. How to get through ATS?

Considering the bulk of applications, recruiters have turned to Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) to filter out potential candidates. It is here that the information you gathered from the job description can be put to good use. Pick out the key terms from the job description & use them in different sections of your resume. It may include words like “SEO”, “WEB DEVELOPER” and  “IoT”  to name a few. 

While trying to make your resume ATS friendly, do not overdo the keywords. The recruiters can see right through you when you make it obvious.Make it a point to upload your resume as a word document or .txt file.

9. Apply to as many as you can

Keep applying to as many jobs as possible irrespective of whether you fulfill the entire criteria. The more you apply, the more are your chances to secure a job. You might be called for an interview when you least expect it. So don’t give up any chance that you come across.

10. Track your applications in a tracking sheet

As you keep applying you might miss out on certain things. So it is highly recommended that you track your applications in a tracking sheet. The important deadlines, the dates of various tests, the application timeline are things you should never miss out on.

Kudos, you have completed a major part of the preparation!

All that is left are a few pointers that you have to keep in mind before appearing for an interview. 

11. Go for a professional attire

The way you dress contributes to the first impression. So, keep your outfit formal and professional. There is no Best Outfit, it varies. All you should do is be prim and tidy at the time of the interview.

12. Get prepared to answer the commonly asked questions

“Tell me about yourself”

“Why do you want to join our company?”

“Where do you see yourself in five years?”

Use such questions to prove that you are the ideal candidate for the job. Cement your place by telling them why you should be hired instead of droning on about your personal details. Reflect deeply and answer them smartly.

13. Be Optimistic

Try to develop a positive attitude. Create a positive atmosphere with your views and thoughts.

14. Sleep well

Get a good night’s sleep before the interview. The more refreshed you are, the more pleasant and confident you appear before the recruiters.

Did you not get through? Don’t worry, it happens!

“There is no failure except in no longer trying” 

Chris Bradford

As Chris Bradford rightly said, you fail only when you stop. So take this as a learning lesson and hone your skills in the meantime. There is something destined for everyone in this world. It’s just that this is not the right opportunity for you. Keep repeating the above steps and you will land your dream job one day.

The more boxes you check, the more confident you become. Work on these points and become recruitment ready!!

Voila, you now know what to do! And remember…..

Keep trying!! Practice as much as you can!!


  1. Beautifully written article. It covers all the necessary and important measures needs to be taken by a candidate in search of a professional job. Worth for all job seekers. Great!!!! Akshaya. God bless you.

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