Aditi Chauhan is the embodiment of empathy and passion. Driven by her all-consuming love for computer science and technology, this sophomore from IIT Indore is now a Google WTM ACAP Scholar– which she, like many others in her position, considers to be one of the biggest achievements of her life thus far.  She is well versed in coding languages like Python and C++ and is a member of “The Programming Club” at her college, which are just some of the many experiences and skills accumulated by her that she can take great pride in. Currently, Aditi is on a relentless quest to gain practical expertise in designing software applications.

Earlier known as The Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship Program, “The Women Techmakers program” is a scholarship awarded on the basis of academic performance, leadership, and impact on the community of women in tech. It works towards expanding Dr. Anita Borg’s vision of creating gender equality in the tech industry by encouraging women to excel as active participants and leaders in the field. 

Read on to discover what made it possible for Aditi to overcome the hurdles she faced and accomplish such an impressive feat.

Key takeaways of the interview:

~ Aditi Chauhan’s background

~ Application process

~ Why does Aditi think she got selected?

~ Aditi’s experience

~ Advice for future applicants


  • Hi! Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

Well, my name is Aditi Chauhan and I’m currently pursuing my Bachelors in Technology at IIT Indore. In high school, I was that geeky student who loved solving math problems. Yes, that’s why I landed in the Computer Science branch. Apart from academics, I’d say I am an empathetic person and I love to reach out to struggling people because no person makes it big without going through all the pain and struggle and I wish to see the better side of every person.

  • How would you describe the application process in brief?

The application consists of 3 rounds. We have to submit 2 essay answers followed by a Google Online challenge of 30 mins. The last round was the interview round.

  •  Why do you think you were selected?

This scholarship is for women who are passionate about technology and have good leadership skills and I believe I am one of them.

  • Can you tell us a bit about your experience?

The whole application process is a long one. It takes approximately 2 months for the final result. Patience is a must here. My virtual retreat was at the end of July.

  • Any advice you would like to give future applicants?

One important advice I think I’d like to give them is ” Believe in yourself. No achievement is small. Respect all your achievements”.

Aditi’s story is testimony to the fact that persistent efforts combined with a belief in yourself can push you closer to your dreams, whatever they might be!

She displays a multitude of qualities like patience and passion, all of which are essential in the uphill battle towards success. She is strong, vicarious, determined and a true inspiration for others who wish to follow her footsteps.

From just another “geek” (as she calls herself) to becoming the recipient of such an honorable scholarship, Aditi Chauhan has come a long way. We hope her journey has provided some inspiration for you as you take the next step in achieving your own dreams!

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