Suppose you want to earn extra income but you don’t have any professional experience. However, you are passionate about making good content. You probably know about a topic that excites you, and you want to share it with others to educate, entertain, or inform like-minded people. If that’s the case, there’s good news for you! There is a sure way of generating a good side income from merely making videos – at your own time, own target, and the best part is, you could film anything you like!  

YouTube has a program called YouTube Partner Program (YPP) which allows creators to make an income from their YouTube channel through these five ways:

  1. Advertising revenue: Get revenue from advertisement displays, overlays, and videos.
  2. Channel memberships: Offer exclusive perks for your members in exchange for recurring monthly payments.
  3. Merchandise shelf: Make your own branded merchandise and let your fans browse and buy them on your watch pages.
  4. Super Chat & Super Stickers: If you have millions of subscribers, you can use it to let your fans pay to get their messages highlighted in chat streams if they wish to.
  5. YouTube Premium Revenue: Earn a commission from a premium subscriber’s subscription fee when they watch your content.

So many people have already benefited from YPP and have made it one of their main income streams. 

The Highest Paid YouTuber in 2019

Did you know that Ryan Kaji of Ryan ToysReview, an 8 year-old boy from the United States, is the highest-paid YouTube influencer?! According to the Forbes report of annual YouTube creator earnings estimates, his channel made an estimated $26 million from June 2018-June 2019. Apart from making money from their videos, they collaborated with a few other companies to produce their literature and toys collection. Their brands and toys are so popular worldwide that even other YouTube influencers feature them in their videos. His parents, Sean and Loanne, are responsible for managing the site since 2015.

 Where to start?

All you need is a YouTube account. Many people start from zero and then begin to actively create original, high-quality content to increase their subscribers and watch hours to qualify for the YPP. It helps to make a decent income.

For example, Cathrin Manning, a YouTuber and the founder of a digital marketing business called TheContentBug, shared that it took her one and a half years, from October 2017 until June 2019, to meet the program’s criteria. It took another 20 days for her channel to be reviewed and approved. She makes an average of $3,000 per month from YouTube ads alone.

How to Qualify for the YouTube Partner Program?

While it sounds lucrative to earn a side income from making content on YouTube, you have to meet certain minimum requirements to be eligible. 

They are:

  1. Follow all the YouTube channel monetization policies.
  2. Live in a country or region where the YouTube Partner Program is available.
  3. Have more than 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months.
  4. Have more than 1,000 subscribers
  5. Have a linked AdSense account.

Let’s take a deeper look at what these requirements mean:

1. Follow all the YouTube channel monetization policies

YouTube has made it mandatory for your channel to follow YouTube monetization policies, i.e. YouTube’s Community Guidelines, Terms of Service, Copyright, and Google AdSense program policies. It is to ensure that you know what’s allowed and not allowed on YouTube. These policies are implemented to protect the YouTube community against spam, sensitive content, violence, unregulated and harmful products, and many more.

2. Live in a country or region where the YouTube Partner Program is available

YPP is currently available in 118 countries worldwide. If you want to know whether YPP is available in your country, click here.

3. Have more than 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 public watch hours in the last 12 months

You can have 1,000+ subscribers within a few days if you are pro at marketing. Still, YouTube wants to ensure that you create high-quality, original videos that attract audiences who spend time watching your videos in the last 12 months. 

You can find the watch hours analytics from your YouTube Studio dashboard as shown in the image below.

4. Have a linked AdSense account

Lastly, you need to have a Google account and your own website. You also need to link your website to Google AdSense account to receive payments from YouTube. In the AdSense account, you will be able to link your preferred bank account where you’d like the money to be transferred to.

What’s Next?

Once your channel meets the necessary requirements, you can start to monetise your channel. The monetisation option is available on the left-hand menu in the YouTube Studio page. Suppose you have not met the criteria yet, you can ask YouTube to notify you once your channel is eligible, as shown below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are YouTube’s top 3 most frequently asked questions and their answers below.

  • When will my channel be reviewed?

Typically, within a month due to a limited number of human reviewers who look at hundreds and thousands of applications daily. However, if your application got rejected, you can re-apply again after 30 days.

  • What if my channel isn’t approved?

There are many reasons your channel isn’t approved and mostly because it did not meet one or any of the Community Guidelines, Terms of Service, Copyright, or Google AdSense program policies. YouTube advises deleting the videos that do not meet the requirements and re-apply.

  • Do I have to qualify every year? 

YouTube’s short answer is no, but you have to stay active in your channel within 6 months, or you’ll be removed from the program. You can stay active by replying to comments or uploading new videos.

Which Topic is Most Popular on YouTube?

If you are wondering what categories are the most watched on YouTube, below is a list to give you an idea of what people watch mostly on YouTube. 

Top 10 Most Subscribed YouTube channels in 2020

 Channel nameCategoryCountryNo. of Subscribers
2.PewDiePieEntertainmentUnited States106.5M
3.Cocomelon Nursery RhymesEducationUnited States89.5M
4.SET IndiaEntertainmentIndia78.6M
5.5-Minutes CraftsHow-to & StyleUnited States67.6M
6.WWESportsUnited States63.8M
7.Kids Diana ShowEntertainmentUkraine59.6M
8.Zee Music CompanyMusicIndia59.4M
9.Canal KondZillaMusicBrazil59.3M
10.Like NatasyaEntertainmentRussia58.3M

According to a Pew Research study, kids’ videos dominated the 10-most-recommended posts on YouTube. Videos like “Learn Colors with Spiderman 3D Trucks Cars Surprise Toys Play Doh for Children”, “Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs – Cocomelon”, and “Learn Shapes with Police Truck – Rectangle Tyres Assembly – Cartoon Animation for Children” tops the recommendation list. The creators made full use of search keywords to describe the content of the videos. You can use this clever tactic to enhance your organic content views through YouTube’s search results. 

The study also reveals 86% or 43 of the top 50 recommendations belong to categories in children’s content, followed by news, and how-to lessons, in descending order. One in five YouTube users said YouTube is significant in helping them understand things that are happening in the world.

Top Five Tips from Experts for Aspiring YouTubers

1. Brand: Go with your name

When Cathrin Manning started her journey as an entrepreneur in 2017, she went with the brand “The Content Bug” to reflect her blog’s digital marketing services. She did this because she was not confident of her own branding back then. As her business grows, she realized that she doesn’t want to be stuck with only one niche, and it became challenging to diversify when her brand reflects only one type of specialization. “Let’s say over time you evolve; unless you go into a brand name that sounds a bit more generic, then you’re putting yourself into a small hole.”

2. Planning Ahead

Nick Nimmin, a content creator and educator, said that when you plan out your content, you can know what videos are coming next. This is a huge stress relief factor.

3. Start right now

You have read this article this far, and you still wonder, when should I start? 

Adventure filmmaker and YouTuber Jeven Dovey encourages anyone who wants to monetize their YouTube channel to start right now. He said, “If you don’t start right now, then you can’t grow.”

4. Care About SEO

Vanessa Lau, an online business coach for millennials, advises newcomers to make content that is SEO friendly so that your video shows up when people search using keywords. “Optimizing your videos to be SEO friendly is going to be super important,” she said.

5. Be Patient

Lastly, Nick Nimmin urges all new YouTubers to exercise patience when it comes to the analytics results you’re getting on YouTube because it can take a while. There’s a one-day buffer for views analytics to show on your dashboard, and there’s a 2 days buffer for how much money you earn from ads from the day before. 

A day in the life of a YouTuber

Now you have an idea how to monetize your YouTube channel, wonder what it is like to be a YouTuber? According to PewDiePie, a Swedish YouTuber whose real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, his routine after waking up is to wash up, have breakfast, and edit the videos he took the day before. Following this, he records new videos, and after that, answers comments from the audience. When it’s done, he calls it a day. He’s been doing this for over 10 years now.

Sounds like something you want to do for a passive income or a career? Share your comments below.


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