Coding is an art that requires certain skills and perseverance. Kavya Kandhway, a sophomore at IIT ISM Dhanbad has already proven her passion for coding by bagging the coveted WTM Scholarship. Besides coding, she also has an avid interest in photography. She believes that nothing is impossible if you have the passion to fight for your dreams!

We list a few of these Scholarships here:

It aims to increase the involvement of women in technology. It provides a platform for women in STEM around the world to connect and collaborate.

To know more about this program, click here.

This is another opportunity that aims to increase the representation of women in  STEM. It is a 2.5 hour single round online coding competition with a reputation to challenge your ability to solve the toughest algorithmic questions. The top 150 on the scoreboard will get a chance to take part in Google I/O.

To know more about this program, click here.

Conducted by MyAnatomy, CipHer Decrypter is a woman only hackathon that brings the brightest women engineers and developers across the country together. It acts as a platform to showcase your problem-solving skills. Starting with a programming test and idea submission round, the hackathon ends with a grand finale wherein the shortlisted candidates are required to present their ideas, working proof of concept, and prototype to the jury.

To know more about this hackathon, click here.

If this scholarship has caught your interest, read on to get the right tips and practices for success from Kavya!

Key takeaways of the interview


  • Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a competitive coder like most of you out there. I always try to excel in my dreams and passion. I love photography and also a bit of photo manipulation. I love to discover new technologies and also I like shopping. It sounds a bit odd but yes, I love new things! I always want to keep myself updated, whether be it technology, daily news, or fashion.

  • Can you walk us through the different stages of the selection process?

The first round was easy – it consisted of two short essays. The second round involved a quiz and the third was a telephonic conversation that wasn’t exactly like an interview but more like a friendly conversation.

She further adds that she came to know about this program in February 2020 through one of her seniors. The link to the application consisted of two essay questions that asked the candidates to write about innovative technology that was feasible enough to be implemented. A month later, she received a mail regarding a technical quiz that mostly consisted of objective type questions. The questions though not difficult were to be solved within a limited time of 30 minutes and covered a wide array of concepts like Data Structures, OOPs, basic coding, and computer knowledge.

The final round was a telephonic interview. To be well prepared, she had to go through her CV and essays and reach out to past scholars to gather more information about the interview. It was a friendly conversation that started with a personal introduction which further moved onto more technical questions.

  • Major Accomplishments

~ Google APAC Women Techmakers scholarship 

~ Code Jam to I/O

~Finalist in CipHer Decrypter- A hackathon for women

  • Why do you think you were selected?

 I think they might have liked my leadership quality.

  • Can you tell us about your experience during the selection process?

You never know what God has planned for you!  

Before applying for the scholarship, I never thought that I would be selected. I wrote the essay because I was bored and thought this might help to overcome my boredom. I even almost forgot about the application. Then, after 1 month, I received an email for the quiz. So, I appeared for the quiz and then after 20 days. I received another email for the telephonic conversation. 

There was a mixed feeling of both anxiety and fear. After the telephonic conversation, I was like – I could have said this during the interview! I was a little confused. But then, I never thought that I’ll be selected for this wonderful opportunity.

She further adds that she had to wait for over a week before the final confirmation mail arrived. Even though the retreat has turned virtual due to the ongoing pandemic, she feels elated and proud to be chosen for such a distinguished opportunity.

  • Any advice you would like to give future applicants? 

 “Always believe in yourself

The Women Techmakers Scholars Program is just one of the milestones on her roadmap to success and she still has a long way to go. By sharing her invaluable experience, she hopes to inspire other aspirants to overcome their barriers. 

Are you interested to know more about her experience?

Check out her blog on Medium:

Every opportunity is a chance to learn. So never let go of anything that comes your way. 

Just like her, we hope you take the time to analyze your strengths and weaknesses and give it a go!!

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