With the large popularity of MUN among schools and college; in our #tipseries, we will be looking at the top 7 reasons to participate in a MUN and how it will contribute to your success in the future.

What is Model United Nations?

Model United Nations, popularly known as Model UN or MUN, is a simulation of the United Nations committees, where students become delegates and represent the country they are assigned, keeping in mind the agenda at hand and the policies of their respective countries. This activity takes place at MUN conferences, which is usually organized by a high school or college MUN club in

 states and countries all over the world.

Striving to be a model of the United Nations, every delegate is encouraged to follow the ‘Rules of Procedures’ during discussions and speeches. At the end of the conference, delegates in each committee are recognized for the efforts put in and are given awards and certificates.

Why should you do MUN’s?

1.     Learn the art of public speaking

As the saying goes, “it always seems impossible until it is done.” Therefore, MUN is a great place to start public speaking. MUN provides an opportunity to progress towards speaking fluently and with confidence. It also inculcates skills of negotiation, conflict resolution, and cooperation among people who might be different from people you know or have associated with so far.

2.    Diplomacy

Living in a fairly uncertain world with countries investing in defense and weapons, MUN motivates delegates to maintain diplomacy. In a Model United Nations, every student ideally gives speeches detailing their country’s position on the topic and offering possible solutions, thereby providing an arena to learn not only about the agenda set at the conference but also about the country you are allotted as well as of other delegates. It teaches one to be diplomatic, educated and fine-tune out teamwork skills. MUN also reminds us that we are not merely a citizen of a country, but also a global citizen. Being diplomatic and open to ideas that you oppose and agreeing to work together makes world leaders of tomorrow.

3.    Learn about United Nations

MUN also provides a forum to learn about the United Nations’ work and learn about the UN Charter, United Nations bodies and the history of the United Nations. Learning about world issues, policies implemented by states and their subsequent impact on countless lives instills one with a sense of responsibility at an early age.

4.    How to research

MUN provides an opportunity to learn the art of researching. Delegates are often required to submit a position paper where they talk about the issue at hand, their country’s stand and solutions offered. Delegates are expected to research, look through past resolutions, and come up with innovative solutions without plagiarising, which requires extensive reading on various articles and books. It improves the style of writing and also the knowledge on various topics, be it peace in West Africa or combating poverty in third world countries.

5.     Travel around the world

MUNs are conducted all around the world in all major cities, therefore participating in one is an excuse to dress your best and pack your bags to go travel and meet new friends and become closer to your delegates.

6.    Networking

Attending a MUN is a great way to meet people from all around the world with different views and beliefs. Spending 2-4 days in a conference helps in making friends, mentors and can build your network for the future.

7.     College applications and resumes

MUNs are known for their standards, difficulty level, quality and participating in one and bagging awards is an added achievement for college applications and resumes. Top Ivy League colleges are known to assign significant weightage for MUN’s. Colleges such as Harvard encourage their existing students to go for MUN’s and conducts the Harvard Model United Nations in different cities around the world.

Having been part of the MUN circuit for the past 3 years, I could vouch for Model United Nations to be a life-changing experience that I am glad I am part of. MUN does not just kickstart your running career, it also gives one a lifetime of memories to hold close to your heart. It is fun, educative, and strives one to be an agent of change.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and take the plunge!

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