Khushi Sharma, a sophomore at Amity University became Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador that provides an opportunity to make a real difference with like-minded peers from expanding the impact around the world.

Read on to know more about her experience!

Key takeaways of the Interview:

o   About Khushi Sharma
o   Describing the application process
o   Why was Khushi selected?
o   Benefits of being a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador
o   Inspiration
o   Word of advice for budding scholars


1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a Computer Science sophomore and a big tech enthusiast, who doesn’t like to bound herself only to some specific areas but rather explore the different strands of life. Technology has always been a mediatory link for me to change the world around and divert the preliminary notions by bringing in a transformation worth noting. I love to crawl around the ranging fields of data science, research, and development.

2. Can you walk us through your application process?

Applications for this program are open all year, and new student ambassadors are selected quarterly. The application process involves altogether six sections. This includes some basic information; personal and academic. The writing section is the most important part of the application, as this is going to be an avid portrayal of your enthusiasm, passion, and dedication towards technology and this program. You have to submit at least one video sample for the three essay questions. Then there is an Additional Info section which essentially acts as your resume. Once you are done with the submission of your application, you can edit it until the time it goes under review.

3. Why do you think you were selected?

I believe my passion and enthusiasm for technology was clearly reflected in my application. My notary drives to bring in a significant transformation around by strapping the power of technology and my relatable yet genuine ideas might have amplified my impact on them. I made sure my application is a real-life standing of who I am and how I can collaborate and pay it forward to make a real difference.

4. What are the benefits of being a Microsoft Student Learn Student Ambassador?

Student Ambassadors will get to discuss on areas focused about specific technologies that you are passionate about, connect directly with experts and mentors at Microsoft and get access to unique resources like our global student network on Microsoft Teams and a Microsoft 365 account, and can earn badges for activities and contributions to unlock additional benefits such as cloud credits.

5. What inspired you to apply for this program?

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors Program is an educational and promotional opportunity to network with a global community and it strives the Student Ambassadors to make a real difference with like-minded peers from expanding the impact around the world. What inspired me to apply for this program was my passion for technology and for the global community. Getting a unique standing as a Learn Student Ambassador to become a leader in your local communities and empower your fellow peers to set up their tech journey was something that impelled me to apply for this program.

6. Any advice you would like to give our readers?

Applications for this program are open all year, so make sure to fill out your application honestly and genuinely. Take some time to think relatively well, don’t be too quick on your responses. Don’t shy away to reach out to the MLSA community for any help, try to demonstrate your technical skills and projects diligently and get your writing section reviewed since it’s an important part of your application.

This is the story of Khushi Sharma who became the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador with her passion for technology and now trying to create an impact with her knowledge and skills. 

Just as Khushi hopes to make a real difference with her passion for technology, we hope this article will encourage you to follow your passion, too!

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