For some students, it’s a fresh and very daunting experience to take an online exam but most of you might not know what to expect and are not aware of the tips and tricks required to ace those exams. On a positive note, many of the steps you will take to pass an online assessment are somewhat equivalent to those you would take when they prepare for an in-class exam. However, there are some variations in the online world that warrant a bit of extra knowledge and planning.

If you’re worried about your online exams, we are here to help you out!

Tip 1: Make yourself familiar with the exam platform

Check the exam portal before your exam and get familiar with all its features. If you face any problem in using that platform, then discuss the problem with the invigilators.

Tip 2: Create a disturbance-free environment

Keep the surroundings distraction-free to feel relaxed during an exam. Choose the right corner of your home where you can sit peacefully.

Tip 3: Proper internet connectivity

Check the internet connection properly. Keep back up plans in case there is a network failure.

Tip 4: Read instructions properly

Online exams require you to carefully read the directions. Make sure that before you start it, you read the entire exam. Read all the instructions, then read all the questions given in the exam. This will help you schedule what questions you are going to take first. A successful tip for online examinations is to read instructions.

Tip 5: Prepare well for exams

In getting ready for any test, this is the first and fundamental step. Online exams are like any other exam. For them, you need to study. By learning with textbooks and past questions on the courses whose exam you are going to take will help you to know about the style of the exam. There is a different trend for each test, recognize the one you are about to take and plan for it. The Internet has a bunch of resources in form of applications and tools that can you to study efficiently. You can download any of those applications or tools to your smartphone or laptop and use them to test your readiness level. When you research and practice with past questions, as the exam day progresses, you can see that you become more confident in taking the exam. Review your practice test scores and study according to that.

Tip 6: Keep track of time

One of the reasons most students fail is that before time elapses, they can’t answer the entire question. That is why you have a small amount of time to answer tricky questions. Do not waste all your time answering questions that are hard for you and leaving the other ones. It is important to keep track of time when taking online exams. Divide the parts of your exam according to the time given to you for the exam. Do keep track of time so that you’re not running out of it. This is an easy step towards performing online tests.

Tip 7: Go through your answers before submitting

Be sure to re-read all your responses after completing an online exam. This will ensure that any mistakes you have made while taking the exam are weeded out. If you have to crunch some numbers during tests, this step is particularly necessary.

Tip 8: Be Organized

Get ready for online exams by collecting all the equipment needed for your exam. Remember that you have to arrange your pens, calculators, and everything else needed for your exam. It would be a waste of time to keep searching for stuff in the middle of the test.

Tip 9: Stay Calm

For many of us, online exams are a new thing, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. In reality, online exams are easier because there is less pressure. If you feel stressed, make sure to take deep breaths. This will allow you to perform well in online exams.

Tip 10: Don’t engage in cheating

You can cheat on your exams, but you can’t cheat on your career.

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