There are many benefits one reaps by taking up a job while still juggling their studies in college! One of the key benefits are shouldering responsibility – tuition fees are no fun at all and even with or without financial aid, it is a burden to many families to pay off – by playing an active role in contributing to your studies, not only will you mature, but also appreciate your studies more and be more motivated to excel. Hence, it is like buying a luxury-wear handbag – by agreeing to pay the high purchase price you are more likely to take care of it and utilize it as many times as possible rather than keeping it in the back of your wardrobe, never to be touched – when we pay for something, we want to acquire the benefits fully to our satisfaction. 

The typical college norm jobs such as babysitting, waitressing, or being an Uber Driver bears the risk of COVID. Avoid COVID and engage in one of these jobs we have covered that you can do at the comfort of your home and still hear that cha-ching!

1. Language Consultant & Tutoring

Many students (high school and college) spend hours and hours behind a desk trying to comprehend concepts that still at the end of the day look like a foreign language to them. This results in anxiety and accumulates to stress – which is an adverse state of mind to write an exam in. You can prevent this from happening.

 If you are a stellar academic performer – this is your call. Put on your cape and help save the world by sharing your tips and tricks to the confused student body. Not only will you earn a competitive hourly salary of $14-$23, but you will be able to manage your working hours, add a shine to your CV, and make a difference to a student’s life!


HERE are 15 legitimate online tutoring companies to sign up with!

HERE are effective tutoring techniques shared by Doctor Shaene that you can use to get your students that A+

Language consultant

English is the 3rd most spoken language in the world – spoken by around 379 million people globally. Not only is it useful, but it does share its difficulties especially for learners who live in a limited English-speaking country, and have a lack of knowledge of the language, who are yet to face writing the IELTS or TOEFL. If you are a native English speaker, presently completing your bachelor’s degree, with or without a TEFL certification; you are eligible to help put those full stops and apostrophes to accurate use!

Take your paint brushes out and paint your creative profile on CAMBLY to attract your upcoming soon-to-be Shakespeare lovers!

2.  Freelancer

“Talent is like electricity. We don’t understand electricity. We use it”

Maya Angelou

This is the time to break out of your egg and take your first flight out of the nest to the rest of the world – to grow yourself, to push yourself, to share your voice.

How can I put a $ to my talent?


Upwork is a global platform that connects businesses with freelancers. Many businesses are finding it financial distressing to add more employees to the team, hence they are outsourcing various tasks via Upwork. Upwork is trusted by more than 5 million businesses, some include Microsoft, AirBnB – imagine doing contract work for top companies – WOW – what a bonus to the CV!

Various services open for you to part-take in include: writing, web mobile and software development, customer service, admin support, engineering and architecture and so much more!

Build your skill, Build your experience, Build your CV!

If this is your calling, Sign-Up is just a click away HERE!

Similar platforms to advertise your service……one is never enough……


3. Start your own business

Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook when he was just a college student, like you. Zuckerberg experienced many vicissitudes while bringing Facebook to life, but he did not give up. Facebook is now the largest and most popular social networking site in the world – and some of us have made awesome friends and even found our potential partners over the app!

He was just a college student – like you. You have the potential to impact the world by transforming your ideas into reality to help solve your community’s problems!

Discovery is the 1st step of the entrepreneurial process….

Here are some COVID-friendly startup ideas to get you thinking:


If you are “the one with the secret closet” like the obsessive-compulsive Monica Geller from the hit show Friends – then it is time for you to let go and bank up!

Reward yourself with a shopping spree by selling your never-to-be-worn-again pieces by creating your virtual store with:

·         Ali Express
·         Amazon
·         eBay
·         Posh Mark

Additionally, if you have skills to share whether it is Bridal makeup, or how to take a great shot with your Nikon – use COVID as an opportunity to share your skills with the world by creating and selling short course videos on Udemy!


Whether you are a fitness enthusiast, the next Gordon Ramsay, or a JK Rowling, or even a wannabe Trevor Noah – there is something for everybody!


We are not only faced with the stress of COVID but also the stress of not fitting into those jeans next summer! If you are a knowledgeable fitness enthusiast – this is for you!

Spread your love for HITT and eating veggies 24.7 by offering fitness classes over Zoom and creating weight loss meal plans – also exclusive budget ones for your uni. mates!

Advertise your services with:

·         GUMTREE
·         CRAIG’S LIST


Is our love for a sweet treat…not all the time…. but sometimes!

A certain number of us are filled with the fear of entering a store. Sometimes it is a bit of an effort especially on a cold day to get out of bed – dressed, remembering to wear a mask and sanitize all the time – as well as ticking our boxes off our busy schedule! Why not bring home cooked meals to our doorstep?

Build your own catering business by sharing your tasty cake and curry recipes!

Create your advertisement with CANVA  and spread the worth of mouth to your community with:

·         GUMTREE
·         CRAIG’S LIST
·         Family, community WhatsApp group chats
·         Instagram, Facebook – social media


With blogging ….

Learn how to start your blog and turn your words into earnings HERE!

Furthermore, if you have a story to share – why not share it for free by self-publishing your story on Kindle! Publishing takes less than 5 minutes and in no time will your story be available to purchase and read globally on Kindle…



Trust me, we need it!

 Create your YouTube Channel!

Share your jokes, funny stories, or even if it is a tutorial on YouTube.

Learn how you can earn a side income from your YouTube channel from Scholarship Track’s brilliant writer Sharifah Sharomsah HERE!

Senamile Dlamini is a first-year student studying a triple major BA in Philosophy, Psychology and Political Science. She recently just started a catering business called Eating with Sena and is an aspiring influencer.

Here is what she has to bring to the table to future student entrepreneurs:

The best thing about starting a business at such a young age is that you have nothing to lose. You work under your own pace, your own radar. You can choose how fast you want your business to grow – there is no pressure. This is an opportunity to gather up experience that most of your peers won’t have – you will learn new skills both within’ the industry your business is in and also within’ yourself. I strongly encourage many students to take up such opportunities while they still can!

Follow her on IG: @eatingwithsena to follow her journey and also learn a few recipes while you can this COVID season!

4. Sell your study notes

If you are a Dean’s Merit winner and invest your time and energy in creating beautiful, colorful summaries – why not sell them to stressed students?

HERE! are the 13 best websites to sell your college notes online for cash!

5. Virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are a newly-found job. You need no formal qualification, just skill to offer. Virtual assistants work from home and provide various services to businesses. Various services include, but are not limited to, social media management, preparing reports, managing calendars, appointments, and emails, etc.

Interested? Get started HERE! by joining one of these virtual assistant agencies!

Remember, you are still a student and thus need an equal focus on the job you take up as well as your studies. Balance is key. Balance your life by having a timetable – make sure you put in sufficient hours for both your job and your studies while still getting restful 8-hours sleep. With this, you will never go wrong and never have to stress about not being able to go out with friends because you do not have the cash or bearing the burden of student loan debt with accumulating interest!


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