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“The best way to prepare [to be a programmer] is to write programs and study great programs that other people have written.”

Do you know who said these wise words? 

It is none other than one of the world’s greatest computer wizards, Bill Gates! 

Programming is an art of pure magic with technology. Every expert in the coding field was once a beginner. Bill Gates was just 13 years old when he fell in love with programming. It is never too late to explore the world of programming and the opportunities and fun that it can offer you. This article is aimed to benefit someone who is a newbie to the programming world & a beginner in coding. 

Here is a list of programming projects you can try out to dig deeper into the magical world of technology! You will also find some secret fun facts about Bill Gates which you shouldn’t miss out on!


<li>Level 1: New Game</li>

Let us start with some simple games that you can code on your own or have fun coding together with your friends! So shall we begin the ride? 

Click on the game you want to try by watching a youtube video for reference!

Note: The programming language chosen for each game is different to suit people with different interests.

Fun fact: The first attempt at programming by Bill Gates included the famous game “Tic-tac-toe”. He said, 

“A game of tic-tac-toe would take thirty seconds to finish with a pencil and paper which might eat up most of a lunch period. But who cared? There was just something neat about the machine.”

So, what are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves and start coding your favorite game! Maybe you will be the one to create the next PubG or Among Us!

Oh no, wait! You might wanna finish the article before that! ;P

<li>Calculate Your Strength!</li>

What is it that you need the most when you aren’t sure about your ability to perform simple calculations? 

A calculator, of course! Learn how to code one for your own use! Sounds interesting, right?

Click here to watch a youtube video for reference on how to code a calculator in Python language!

 <li>Awkward Moment 101</li>

Ever felt confused while deciding the exact amount you have to pay for your items in a grocery store or a stationery shop? 

You can do the tough integration and differentiation problems in your math class but the moment you actually need those skills, you fail to do your math right! Can you forget the awkward moment when both you and the shopkeeper are trying to figure out the balance money? 

So, develop your own “change, balance return” program and save yourself from future social embarrassment! You can even share it with your parents!


A to-do-list to keep a check on your daily activities, assignments, and other chores can be easily programmed with some basic knowledge about coding.

Click here to check out a YouTube video for reference.

Fun fact: In 1975, Bill Gates was arrested for driving over the speed limit without a license which led to this infamous mug shot!

<li>Everything about YOU!</li>

So, how about we code something really simple, easy, and highly essential in a professional career? 

No, I am not talking about programming which could make us a pizza. I mean, that’s not possible “yet”

I’m actually referring to a Portfolio! Everyone wants to see your work and know who you are. You’d be surprised to know this but the portfolio is like the best beginner project in coding that just requires basic knowledge in HTML and CSS. It is probably the favorite project of almost every coder.

Click here to watch a YouTube video for reference!

Click here to see a sample code!

<li>Dear Code….Please Work!</li>

This can be a really fun and useful project for you! It can be personal or like your little secret. I’m talking about a Journal! A journal for your thoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions, secrets, or whatever you want to write down for yourself. 

Coding your own diary sounds pretty cool and it will be safe & secure too! 

Don’t you agree?

Fun fact: According to various biographers and interviewers, Bill Gates did most of his work during the lunch breaks at school!

<li>… . -.-. .-. . – / -.-. — -.. . … </li>

Wondering what the hell that is? How about you figure it out yourself? 

Since you are up for coding, you might be interested in “decoding” too!? Here is a small game that involves “reading between the lines”. This could be your new project!

Program some secret codes to decipher and use it to play games with your friends, to exchange notes with your “special someone” or even in any private work of yours. 

It all sounds interesting, right? 

Check out this video for reference!

<li>Wake Up! It is Time to Code!!!</li>

A personalized alarm clock to wake you up daily sounds about perfect for all beginners in programming. 

Fun fact: Bill Gates used Fortran, another programming language, to create his first company “Traf-O-Data” along with his friend Paul Allen when they were just teenagers. Although the company eventually closed down, it taught them the value of combining programming and business. It helped them earn around $20,000!

<li>Today: Start A New Programming Project</li>

Do you ever feel like you need constant reminders from someone to do something? 

Don’t worry! You can code your own Reminder Application & avoid depending on anyone else to stop you from forgetting stuff!

Click here to watch how to create a birthday reminder in Python!

<li>Save as .jpg</li>

“There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment.” 

We all have special moments, unforgettable memories all clicked in our phones and cameras which we want to save and treasure forever. 

Programming a gallery to save all your photographs and pictures safely and securely sounds really sweet and worth spending your time on, right? 

Good for you, a beginner in coding has all the skills to program one! If you think about it, this project could also be a special gift for your loved ones.

Click here to see how you can create a responsive image gallery by using HTML and CSS!

<li> “Oh No! I Forgot Where My Friend Lives!”</li>

God, no! You don’t want to forget your friend’s address! 

It is very important to save multiple addresses of people and places in your daily life. Fortunately, with a computer & some basic knowledge in coding, you can build an address book of your own which you will never lose in your life! You can also send the program to your friend who always forgets your house every time your group decides to hangout. It might come in handy for them and your entire friends’ group. 

Instead of the address, you can also program a phone book with emergency contacts as well!

Fun fact: Bill Gates was barely a teenager when his love for computers and programming made him pretend to be a college student to access high powered computers.

 <li>Website: HELP!</li>

Everyone can use a helping hand! 

Make use of your programming talents and resources available to code to help people have a better life. Create a website for your college club or the old lady in the shop near your house, or even for your own small business along with your other work! 

A simple website is one of the easiest projects available for beginners to start with and extremely useful too!

Click here to find a video on how to code a simple website!

<li>13 Reasons Why</li>

Finally, we have come to the end of our list! What do you think the last, 13th one would be? 

Don’t overthink it! It is a very simple but effective way to boost and enhance your programming skills – contributing to Open Source. Collaborate and work with people around the globe for small projects and slowly build your level. This is the best way to code new projects and move forward from the beginner stage. 

Click here to check out our article on why you should contribute to open source!



“If your program is wrong, it might not run properly and if it doesn’t work, you fix it and try again.”

There is no better feeling for a programmer than having your code work well without any errors. 

Programming changed the life of Bill Gates and Scholarship Track hopes that all coding-enthusiasts can turn their dream projects into reality with a little help from this article. 

Let the code change your life! 

Reach Scholarship Track on LinkedIn and Instagram to share your story of how coding changed your life!


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