According to the Irish Times, “Zoom Meeting” is the 15th most used word in the year 2020 so far. We all can guess what the other 14 are related to – the Coronavirus, of course! 

This brings us to the topic of networking and making new connections. We all are at the point of our lives where networking virtually has become an important part of our personal and professional growth. It is a very important skill an individual must possess. The sharing of thoughts and the development of creative ideas can only be possible through a connection between people. It is even more essential for students to learn how to connect and network virtually during the pandemic to off-set any obstacle that hinders them from achieving their goal. Today, knowing people who know people is more important than ever. 

So, how can students connect and network with others virtually? 

Let us find that out!

1. Online Presence: Check ✅

Being active on Social Media may not be easy but it is possible. Similarly, building your online presence may take some time and effort but it is all worth it. Make sure you are not left out from any discussions or topics which come under your forte or your interests. Tweet your thoughts, join Facebook groups, follow relevant and popular hashtags on Instagram, find your interests on Pinterest, and share it with the world.

Be ready to have a conversation with others irrespective of the social media platform they are using. Allow others to weigh-in and put forward their opinions and respect their stance. Share your insights, answer some questions, and ask some questions, you can do it any way you prefer! The result will surprise you eventually. 

Remember, be open to healthy conversations and interactions only. Ensure your networking methods are both friendly and professional.

2. LinkedIn Account: Check ✅

This is one of the most important platforms existing among the professional and student community. It is one of the best professional networks out there! Students, recruiters, entrepreneurs, activists, social workers, teachers, researchers, all of them are on LinkedIn to build a professional networking community and relationships for the advancement and growth of their careers, businesses, and jobs. Most students find great opportunities on LinkedIn through their social networks. 

3. Internships/Fellowships: Check ✅

Internships, part-time jobs, and fellowships will introduce you to a new community with fresh and exuberant talents and dynamic crowds virtually. Use this opportunity wisely to network and interact with students all over the world and express your ideas to develop fine solutions for existing problems in the world. This will not only widen your network, but it will also add great value to your career. Internships can also help you interact directly with industry leaders and other great influencers in society. 

4. Volunteering: Check ✅

If you are a person looking forward to making a change in the world by serving society and building a helping community, volunteering is your best option. 

Volunteering is a great way to join a networking community with like minds and ideas. This means the connection will be stronger and hence will benefit you more personally. Also working for NGOs can lead you to interact with eminent personalities all over the planet and feel good about contributing to society.

5. Online Projects: Check ✅

Online projects can be made fun by connecting with friends all over the world who share similar interests and work ideas. These projects can create a huge impact when you connect and network with people from different regions. Collaborations and resources from around the world can be an added bonus to your project research. 

This is the best time to contribute to open-source projects and feel good about contributing to the society. It is also the best time to collaborate and contribute! 

6. Webinars and Discussions: Check ✅

The number of webinars conducted now is probably more than the number of seminars we have ever held in our college in the offline mode. Online webinars and discussions are very informative and often moderated by well-accomplished and successful personalities. Attending them will increase the number of connections in your network and enhance your knowledge about various topics. Always make use of these opportunities and interact with others. 

7. Virtual Competitions and Workshops: Check ✅

Online events such as competitions and workshops will bring in participants from various parts of the world which will help you meet new talented and skilled people. It is always nice to have tough competitors with you to improve and hone your skills. Networking with these people can help you analyze your abilities & learn more about yourself. You may also find people with similar ideas who can eventually turn into your future Start-up or business buddy!


Knowing how to efficiently network with others online is more important than ever for the student community. Opportunities will only come to those who open the door! If you can’t sit in a classroom and chat, or you can’t meet and interact with people in your food canteen, you ‘must’ find alternative ways to connect. But you must also ensure that your online presence does not consume your valuable time leading to addiction or other harmful side-effects. Make sure you stay healthy, both mentally and physically. 

Scholarship Track hopes this article will be useful and helpful for all students around the world who wish to build a healthy and informative community to connect with each other.

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