The field of technology is constantly changing. Therefore, students who pursue this field must be constantly updating themselves to keep up. Keeping up with such rapid changes is not be a walk in the park which is why interacting with a community that shares the same interest as you would make things a lot easier. By being a part of a tech community, students will be able to hone their skills by competing in various events, but most importantly, they will be able to get help from people who have been through the same process. Keeping this in mind, here we have handpicked a list of the top 13 tech communities that fit such criteria:

  1. Developer Student Clubs
  2. Girlscript
  3. Women who code
  4. FOSS United Foundation
  5. Women tech network
  6. TechGig
  7. Rewriting the Code 
  8. Stack overflow
  9. Coderwall
  10.  Hashnode
  11.  Kaggle
  12.  Github
  13.  SAP Community Network
  14. Code for Cause
  15. BONUS

1. Developer Student Clubs (DSC)

Developer Student Clubs for students involved in Google Developer Technology are university-based community organizations. Students who are passionate about growing as developers are accepted both from graduate and undergraduate programs. Students gain their skills in a peer-to-peer learning setting and develop solutions for local businesses and their society by entering a DSC.

Click here to join!

2. Girlscript Foundation

Established in 2017, this non-profit organization has grown to be one of the biggest tech communities in the country for developing technical knowledge. It aims to empower people from different backgrounds, especially minorities by educating them and helping them improve their technical skills, thereby enabling them to become the best in their fields. 

Oh and don’t be fooled by the name! This community is not just for women. Anyone who has a passion for tech can become a part of this community! Its mission is to create more opportunities, growth, and make an impact on the world by improving technical education around the world. Every year, it hosts a plethora of events like the GirlScript summer of code(GSSoC), webinars, and paper presentations, on a variety of topics ranging from App Development to 3D Printing and Neural Networks. Overall it’s an amazing community to be a part of if you are a tech geek!

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3. Women who code

A community focused on empowering women in technology, Women Who Code was established in 2011 and now has 230,000 members across 122 countries. It helps women advance in their careers by conducting tutorials on a range of topics, offering scholarships, and all kinds of events aimed at helping their members become the best at what they do.

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4. FOSS United Foundation

FOSS United Foundation is a non-profit established in 2020 to build free and open-source software projects and communities in India and other regions. It aims to encourage the spirit of hacking, tinkering, and writing code, to build free software of quality for the public good, and also to create free software of quality that helps individuals attain the tools to run their livelihoods and power the economy. It does so by hosting a variety of events, from hackathons to conferences. If you are interested in open source, you definitely don’t want to miss out on this!

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5. Women Tech network

The WomenTech Network is a global forum to foster diversity in technology, leadership, and entrepreneurship, powered by Coding Children, Tech Family Projects, and Tallocate. It focuses on empowering women in the field of technology through various events like conferences, talks, etc, and also aims to promote diversity in technology.

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6. TechGig

Founded in 2010 by Times Business Solutions, TechGig is one of the largest online tech communities in India. From webinars to coding competitions like Code Gladiators and Tech Geek Goddess, this is the perfect community to hone your technical talents. It also provides practice questions and challenges to prepare you for placement interviews. 

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7. Rewriting The Code (RTC)

Founded by Sue Harnett, it is a community that aims to empower women in the field of technology through educational resources, mentorship, and industry experience. It helps guide people to the right career, connects women in technology from various parts of the world, helps hone their technical skills, and also provides them with exposure to various disciplines within the field of technology. 

To learn more, click here.

8. Stack overflow


For developers to learn, share their expertise, and build their careers, Stack Overflow is the biggest, most trusted online community. To help solve coding challenges, learn new skills, and find career openings, more than 50 million experienced and aspiring programmers visit Stack Overflow every month. 

To learn more, click here.

9. Coderwall

Another diverse and varied group that spans the whole spectrum of web creation is Coderwall. To help solve problems or learn new things for both beginners as well as more seasoned coders, it has a detailed “Tips” section. For Tips, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, iOS, and other subjects, there are unique pages, and a developer can ask just about any question here!

Check out the site here

10. Hashnode

Hashnode enables developers from all over the world to connect and share ideas. Developers can post stories and share their most recent projects with the community, solve real-world issues, ask any questions on the group, and even start their own blogs on the Devblog platform! Overall, it’s a great platform for any developer who wants to perfect their craft.

Check it out here

11. Kaggle

Kaggle is an online community of data scientists and machine learning practitioners having over 19,000 public datasets and 200,000 open notebooks with a large repository of community published data and code. In addition to competitions, Kaggle also provides courses in Machine Learning, Pandas, Python, Deep Learning, Data Visualization, SQL, and discussions to help develop your knowledge.

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12. GitHub

On GitHub, programmers can share their code and collaborate on projects together. Github promotes a society where more than 40 million people are learning, sharing, and working together to develop apps. The GitHub Community Forum is a place where developers can share their opinions on various topics and follow discussions.

Click here to learn more.

13. SAP Community Network

If you are a programmer who wants to get started with Business Coding, SAP Community Network is the right place for you! This programming community holds webinars and activities, sets you up with a mentor, and allows you to download a sample code. For business coders who want to sharpen their abilities and for beginners looking to get started in business coding, it is the perfect place.

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14. Code for Cause

Code for Cause is a non-profit organization that aims to provide guidance and mentorship to students who are interested in the field of software. Their mentors are associated with Google, Redhat, and IBM. This is not only what you can get access to but there is more: Code for Cause offers online programming videos bootcamps via open knowledge, open sources and courses. By being a part of this community, you will surely be updated with the latest technology trends and learn some valuable skills that will add that golden stamp to your CV.

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15. BONUS: Scholarship Track 

Code for Cause, Scholarship Track and Mexili have collaborated and are bringing you Spring of Code ‘21, a journey into the world of Open Source. This is a brilliant 4-week program where you will learn something new every week and will have the opportunity to contribute something to Open Source.

Click HERE! to apply

Tech communities act as the perfect support system for students who want to stay updated with all the latest trends in technology. They help students hone their skills, share knowledge, collaborate on projects, get mentorship, and interact with others in the field who share the same passion. Overall, joining a tech community opens you up to all kinds of new opportunities and experiences that will only boost your chances of succeeding in the field.

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