The field of technology is constantly growing and evolving. As the demand for jobs keeps growing, the competition gets tougher with companies hiring only a select few students every year. Therefore, students must know what skills are in demand so that they can stand out.

Here is a list of skills that IT companies look for in students applying for entry-level jobs:

  1. Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a model of computer programming that organizes software design around data, or objects, instead of functions and logic. It focuses on the object that developers want to manipulate rather than the logic needed to manipulate them. Some OOP languages are Python, Java, C, and JavaScript.

  1. Data Structures and Algorithms

One of the most important skills that companies look for in a college graduate is a good knowledge of data structures and algorithms. This skill is especially crucial if you want to be a software developer. Knowing how to organize data using the right data structure and algorithms just makes you a more efficient software developer. It not only helps you reduce the space your code takes up but also helps to reduce the time you spend on your code. 

  1. Debugging

All developers come across situations where the many lines of code they write do not work the way they want it to. This is where debugging comes in. Debugging is the process of identifying exactly what went wrong in your code and figuring out a solution to fix that problem as quickly as possible. Even if you can code well it does not matter if you don’t know how to fix the issues that come up in your code. So be sure to practice debugging as it will prove to be useful later when you work on bigger projects.

  1. Project Management

Project management is another skill that companies look for in your resume. As a project manager, you are responsible for different activities, such as project preparation from the initial to the final step, task allocation, budget control, problem-solving, and several others.

Having this skill on your resume will show that you are capable of managing a project efficiently on a specific budget in a given amount of time. 


HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is a markup language used to create web pages. HTML lays the foundation for a web page whereas Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used to design the document created with HTML. It is used for the layout, font, color, etc of the page. If you want to become a web developer, having a good knowledge of these two languages along with JavaScript will help you get started.

  1. Tensorflow

This open-source software was developed by Google and it serves as an AI library. It helps developers design multilayered neural networks. Models can be created with graphs indicating the data flows.

It is used in companies for perception, classification, understanding, discovering, predicting, and creation. 

  1. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the provision of on-demand computing services —from applications to storage and processing power — typically via the Internet and on a pay as you go basis. Cloud computing services cover a wide range of options, from basic storage, networking, and processing capabilities to natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and standard office applications. They are used by companies to avoid the hassle of maintaining their own IT infrastructure and pay for the services whenever needed. The demand for this skill is only growing, with more companies adopting this service.


  1. Experience in Data Science

Data science is an interdisciplinary field that takes advantage of scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract knowledge and insights from many structural and unstructured data. It includes data analysis, machine learning, and big data. Due to the huge scope of data, the demand for data scientists has reached an all-time high, with it being considered as one of the most sought after jobs in the 21st century. So having experience in this field will definitely help you stand out. 

  1. Operating systems

An operating system bridges the gap between computer hardware and the user and controls the execution of applications on the computer. It makes a computer more convenient to use and increases the efficiency with which the resources on the computer are used. Any program that is compiled and run in a computer is processed by the operating system. Hence, it is imperative for developers to have an in-depth knowledge of different operating systems like Windows, Linux, macOS, etc so that they can make maximum use of the available features.

  1. Application Programming Interface (API)

Application Programming Interface or API is a set of communication protocols that are used to communicate between programs. It sends a request from the user to the service provider which in return sends the generated result to the desired user. APIs essentially makes the task of developers easier by enabling them to execute certain features of their software without writing complex code. Therefore, it is no wonder that companies look for developers with this knowledge.

  1. Source Control

Source control helps the developer store and manage their code. Knowing version control is important especially if you are looking into software development. A lot of companies these days look for software developers who are well versed in version control tools like Git. 

We are in an era where technology is being used virtually everywhere. Its applications in the world are rapidly growing and as a result, the demand for jobs within this field, especially IT, has reached an all-time high. The increasing demand for jobs within this field has only resulted in increased competition for the limited spots within companies. So keeping up with the latest advancements along with maintaining a good knowledge of basic concepts is key to standing out among a pool of applicants. 

We hope this article was beneficial to you and gave you an idea as to what you have to focus on during your preparation to get into your dream company. 


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