What is a video resume?

A video resume, sometimes called Visume or Video CV, is a short video prepared by a candidate for prospective employers to review. In the video, the candidate shares information about his/her skills and work experience.

Remember that, it is not a replacement for a paper resume but is often used to supplement it.

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Let’s embark on a journey to create an awesome video resume that can help you stand out from the crowd. 


TIP #1 – Prepare a script

Video resumes are not about reading out your paper resumes.

Before you film it, prepare a script. You can use your paper resume as a base and add a few new snippets about yourself.

The main objective is to sell yourself, that is, the script should express what benefits you will provide the company, as well as your goals, skills, and accomplishments.

Also, another point to remember is – DO NOT just read your script out loud! Instead of staring or “mugging up” or simply reading out your script, practice and prepare yourself to be natural and fluent. Sprinkle some emotions now and then to make your words sound genuine. 

TIP #2 – Ooze professionalism

Dress smartly, as you would for an interview and maintain professional body language. Neatly brush down your hair, steam out the wrinkles from your clothes, and do everything you would do if you were going to meet the employer in person. Avoid using slang or crass words. A little effort goes a long way.

The trick is to connect with the employers while maintaining a formal stance.

This also includes choosing a suitable background for shooting the video. Make sure that it is neat with no noise in the background. Also, make sure that you are visible in the frame, throughout the video.

TIP #3 – Sound interactive and happy

Project positivity with your words.

It is something that will instantly leave a good impact on the viewer.

You can also add a little bit of humour as it is a great way to make the audience more attentive. But be cautious, this may not work for all types of jobs.

TIP #4 – Don’t just say it, show it!

Keep in mind that, “Actions speak louder than words”.

While you have already listed your skills and accomplishments in a paper resume, a video resume can be your chance to showcase them. Use visuals and graphics to showcase your talents and skills relevant to the job.

For instance, if you are applying for a job where presentations are a major part of the role, then you can create a time-lapse video showing yourself assembling a PowerPoint Presentation. Using B-roll shots can give the viewers a glimpse into your work and your behaviour in different environments.

TIP #5 – The KISS principle


People living in this technologically advanced era are infamous for their extremely short attention spans. 

You do not want to film a 30 minutes video for the viewers to sit and watch because let’s be frank, you are not the only applicant. So, they are more likely to stop midway. This will lead to them forming an opinion based on half knowledge which can be a loss for you.

Keep the video brief. A video of 1-2 minutes is sufficient if planned nicely, otherwise, cap it at 4 minutes and do not exceed that in any case.

TIP #6 – Shoot multiple takes and get them approved

A video resume can help you land your dream job if done right. So, keep filming until you are absolutely sure that it is the video that you want your boss to see (and possibly the world too, since everything on the internet is public).

Share the video with your friends and family, mentors, and trusted colleagues. Ask for their opinion and take their feedback seriously. If it is seen as a misfire, then do not send it to your employer.

TIP #7 – Keep your personal life and professional life separate

It is important to not mix your personal and professional life. If there is information on your Facebook or Twitter page that you do not want your employer to see, refrain from linking them in your video.

TIP #8 – A video resume doesn’t replace your traditional one

Not all employers are interested in a video resume and some refrain from referring to them as they might arise discrimination issues, such as hiring a candidate based on their looks rather than their qualifications. However, a video resume, wherever needed, can still boost your candidacy for employment.

Some useful links that might help you build a wonderful video resume :

A video resume can be an excellent way to show off your personality; for people in client-facing roles, whose work involves charming prospective buyers, a video resume may be beneficial. If you have decided a video resume is your way to go or you have been asked by a prospective employer to provide one, then make sure that you do not kill your prospects by providing a bad video resume. 

While above are some tips to help you go about it, here are a few things that you should avoid:

  • Off-topic subjects or irrelevant information that does not focus on your skills
  • Poor video quality, due to bad lighting or unstable camera
  • Little or no eye contact or engagement with the camera
  • Excessive movement; might make you look nervous 
  • Random items strewn across the background
  • Children, pets or family members lurking in the background 
  • Distracting noises 

Creating a video CV is a modern approach to find a job. It shows that you are a forward thinker who is up to date (or perhaps ahead) of the latest trends and technologies. A video resume might not be for everyone, or even for all types of job opportunities, but it can help an employer remember you in specific scenarios and why you are the best person for the position.

So, good luck!

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