Software engineering is one of the highest-paying jobs in the world, and is a career path that will always be in demand as we are living in Generation Z where use of technology is unavoidable and is assimilated into our everyday lives. 

However, it is a competitive field – just like how a business strives to differentiate itself from its competitors to gain that competitive advantage – you need to do the same and differentiate your “personal brand” by continuously growing your skills via experience and networking through internship programs offered by various companies.  The more skills you have, the more marketable you are, the more companies want you! In fact, you will always be wanted!

Asurion is a company, headquartered in Nashville, USA, that provides insurance for smartphones, tablets, consumer electronics, appliances, satellite receivers, and jewelry. 

Asurion offers a 12-week internship program, not only limited to the software engineering geniuses, but also those interested in product development, data science, and supply chain management. 

You will benefit from this opportunity if this is you:

  • Self-motivated and have a desire to learn.
  • Want to have fun at work while making a positive impact on customer’s lives.
  • Work well in a collaborative environment where every idea provides value to the team and business.
  • Not a spectator – bring ideas that challenge the status quo, without losing sight of a bigger vision.
  • Regularly participates in knowledge-sharing sessions, brainstorming, and workshops as well as daily standups, retrospectives, and team outings. 

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Asurion offers competitive compensation, intern to full emphasis (Did you know that 95% of graduating interns were offered full- time positions in 2020? This can be you! It is a 2-in-1 package deal – internship and a job secured!), virtual internship as of 2020, opportunity to work on meaningful real-world projects and challenges to pitch an idea to the management at the end of summer! These are all pure bucket-list goals for your career! 

To learn more about Asurion internships in software engineering, product development, data science, and supply chain management – Click HERE


  • How did you prepare for the program? 

I started going through some online courses on NodeJS and React prior to setting up my equipment/software and connecting with other interns within Asurion.

  • How long did it take you to prepare?

2-3 weeks

  • Tell us about the application & recruiting process

The application process for obtaining this internship had been pretty long from my point of view. Though the process had been initialized through a referral rather than an in-person or online meeting with a recruiter, I still had to go through one phone interview with a University-relations Campus Recruiter and three back-to-back interviews with three different Asurion employees in the span of nearly two months. Meanwhile, I had to remain in frequent contact with my first interviewer as well as the rest of the University-relations team through email.

  • Why do you think you were selected?

I believe that I was selected because of my communication skills.

  • Any failures or rejections?

Too many to count!

  • Describe your experience in this program. Feel free to write about anything fun, deep, emotional, or motivating!

Working online has been one hell of a rollercoaster. There were days that were grueling as they were all filled with back-to-back meetings that occupied much of my time to the very point that it was hard to get any individual work done until the late hours. However, there were also those days that made me so happy, where I got to to interact with my peers, mentors, and bosses. Overall, I am so glad that I had a chance to be able to participate in this wonderful program and to have these kinds of experiences in my life.

  • What are some of the tips that you would like to give?

Organization is key, especially when you’re working in a virtual environment.

  • Any advice for future applicants in the same program?

Communication is absolutely essential when applying (the same can be said for every program).


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After college graduation, the next step is finding a job. Many jobs require experience – the question is where do you find the experience? It does not come raining from the sky – it comes through research, which can be a hassle and extremely time-consuming, as well as with tears when you give it your all only to find out that you have not been accepted for that internship program. 

Scholarship Track takes care of this for you! We provide monthly awareness of current internships available across various fields, as well as tips and exclusive interviews like this – which can be found here: 

Come aboard with Scholarship Track and you will be miles ahead in finding the light through the dark tunnel. You are never alone!

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