“A winner is a dreamer who never gives up”

  • Nelson Mandela 

Mandela had a dream. A dream where children of different races would be sitting around a coffee table, sipping a cup of tea, while laughing and enjoying the company of each other. They would be enjoying the company of each other, not because they are forced to, not because of each other’s races, but because they see each other for who they are. They connect spiritually. This was the dream. 

Today we are sipping Starbucks and sharing how crazy our own lockdown experiences have been. She is complaining about how she misses doing a sokkie at a disco, while he is complaining about missing ingoma with his family. This is where we are today. 

The South African Fulbright Foreign Student Program (FFSP) is a scholarship offered to South African graduate students who are interested in pursuing postgraduate studies (this excludes MBA and any studies that require contact with patients) in the USA. The application process is rigorous, once you have submitted your application online and if shortlisted you will be required to attend an interview and workshops. 

Applications open on January 26 2021 and close May 14 2021. 

For more information and to apply, click HERE!

Ziyanda Stuurman, a political science graduate from Stellenbosch University was awarded this prestigious award to study towards a Masters of Art at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA. 


  1. Describe the application process in brief

The process began with a fairly in-depth online application that asked me to describe what kind of school and what kind of academic program I would like to be in, and then an in-person interview with a selection panel. The final part of the application process was the completion of a GRE and TOEFL test.

  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. Could be your story. Feel free to write about anything fun, deep, emotional, or motivating!

I am interested in the intersections of race, racism, policing, and gender studies in South Africa. I think that all 4 of those issues on their own are particularly interesting and together, they are even more interesting and illuminating of issues around public policy and politics in South Africa.

  1. Major accomplishments

In addition to being awarded the Fulbright Scholarship, I have also previously been awarded the Chevening Scholarship in 2017.

  1. Why do you think you were selected?

I was very clear about why I wanted to continue with postgraduate studies and specifically why I wanted to continue my studies in the United States. Being clear about your objective and motivation is very important throughout the application process.

  1. Any advice you would like to give future applicants?

Do thorough research on the academic programs and universities you are interested in. There are many universities in the US and they can differ quite a bit from each other, therefore the process needs a lot of investment in research and background information.


Reach out to Ziyanda on her LinkedIn HERE!

Please let her know you are reaching out from Scholarship Track! 

No matter how big a dream is you are more than capable of making it happen. You have control over your life. You have options, you have choices. Make the right choices because you think it is right and if it does not appear to be right in the end, Scholarship Track will catch you. 

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Making opportunities more accessible. 

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