The possibilities are numerous once we decide to act and not react. 

-George Bernard Shaw

One of the first few steps of searching for any internship is knowing what it entails and what its requirements are. 

For being a business analyst, one of the main requirements is to be able to understand problems and facilitate solutions whilst simultaneously analyzing the business aspects of the decisions made along with the data to support these decisions, and adapting to the changes as and when required. The solutions that need to be delivered have to be as comprehensive as possible to the team dealing with this challenge and any extra information required by the team needs to be delivered by you. Similar are the job requirements for being a business analyst intern. 

While there are no sure cut ways to successfully bag an internship, these are 5 steps that may help you prepare and land good business analyst internships:

Step 1:

Being a full time student at a university of any discipline such as computer science or business information systems. This will give you the background that companies usually require as part of their basic qualifications.

Step 2:

Honing skills such as oral and written communication skills, and interpersonal and consultative skills, along with having good analytical and problem solving skills with a focus on detail. Taking part in seminars, conferences and competitions are a really good way to step up into the limelight and take the lead which also reflects in your overall profile. 

Step 3:

Updating your Linkedin profile to showcase your abilities as an analyst and simultaneously looking out for peers, connections and employees of different companies which usually hire for analyst positions. This may take a while but a good profile has the ability to make an impact on the people who go through it since they might refer you to their own connections. Improving the Headline section of the profile is also important as it is one of the first things one sees when they click on your profile. It is also beneficial to put an updated resume as you upskill.

“ResumeWorded” is an AI platform that shows potential improvements that can be made in your Resume and LinkedIn profile. While another person’s perspective is always better, this provides a good alternative. 

Step 4:

Send personalized invites to new connections to talk about these positions and build contact with said connections. People who are interested, will most likely visit your profile to get a better perspective and this is where having a good Linkedin profile helps. Alongside this, also reach out to your own peers and connections via a formal LinkedIn post detailing your skills and qualifications. Every time a connection likes or comments on your post, it reaches their audience as well and this helps a lot with finding new contacts. 

Step 5:

Every company has their own career job portal. Find different companies that hire for business analyst internships and fill their applications. If you have a connection who works in said company, you may ask them to refer you which would highly increase your chances of getting accepted. If it is a new connection and you have built contact, you can also let them know that you will be applying to their company for the position. This may help in highlighting your application amongst many others.

This process is not easy and definitely not something that can be achieved in a month or two. However, if you build on these steps and work on your profile thoroughly, it is definitely achievable!

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