Grace Hopper Celebrations – India Student Scholarship is a scholarship by Grace Hopper Celebration India for applicants of undergraduate, masters and PhD program from Computing, Engineering, and IT backgrounds wherein they gain inspiration and get guidance for a career in technology. 

Students who receive this scholarship are eligible for the following benefits:

  1. GHCI Student Scholarship Program provides funds to women who are pursuing Undergraduate course Masters or Post- Doc Courses.
  1. The program offers wide-ranging networking opportunities to the participants. They get to meet new people, discover new interests and more. 
  1. The shortlisted candidates will be provided financial assistance in terms of the registration fee, meal and food and travelling fare of up to Rs 3000/-
  1. They get the GHCI fair permission. 

More about Grace Hopper Celebrations – India Student Scholarship can be read here.

Prakriti Parihar is a senior from Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal who was awarded this generous scholarship. We interviewed Prakriti to gain an insight about this scholarship as well as learn more about the process for the same. 


Hi Prakriti. Congratulations on securing the Grace Hopper Celebrations – India Student Scholarship. 

Before we get started,  could you introduce yourself to us?

Hello. Thank you.

Coming from an educated family, I have always been taught to value education and always be a student for life. Grateful to my parents, I was introduced to computers at the age of 2, ever since then my charm for computers and technical fields has only enhanced.  From my grandmother to my mother I have only seen women working and rather acing the fields they chose, the careers they followed. Hence women actively working has been a constant sight for me while growing up. From winning Web Dev competitions in grade 8th, to taking up Computer Engineering as my Undergrad degree I am surely passionate about Technology, and by attending Asia’s largest gathering of Women Technologists – GHCI, I have explored more about myself, listening to eminent people in tech made me reflect upon my domains and my strengths and weaknesses which will only add up to my personality as a strong technologist, it’ll also make me feel empowered having met women who are driven in tech like me, the feeling of not being alone in this never ending ocean of technology would only ensure I am invested in a right direction towards the shore. 

I am a person of logic, hence algorithms and computing resonated the most with me ever since I have been introduced to them. Being the Women Techmaker lead of my college gave me a platform to not only lead an inclusive community but also add value to it. I had successfully implemented many initiatives in my tenure like I was pioneer of the WHAT IS series on instagram and helped people get hands on google products. I also got WTM Manipal for the first time on social media which not only helped reach a lot of aspiring women technologists but also connected our WTM alumni. 

Apart from my technical portfolio, I have always been a good student, performing well in my academics at the same time, have very diverse interests and have several accolades to my journey till now. As a leader I have served two tenures in my college Student Council (2019-2021) representing over 10,000 college students. I led the Quiz Club community as President in my School (MGD Girls’ School, Jaipur) in 2016-17. I successfully completed my Visharadh II (B.A. Equivalent) From Bhatkhande University, Lucknow in Bharatnatyam in 2015. I also enjoy singing and travelling. 

Thank you Prakriti. Your experiences sound very motivational and are an inspiration to a lot of us. Moving on to the scholarship, could you describe the application process briefly to us?

The Application of GHCI commences in April-May month of the Year. 

There is an application which is rolled out to all the Aspiring Women Technologists out there, which entails the following:

1. Your Personal Details

2. Educational Background and Work Experience 

3. Statement of Purpose type questions, trying to understand how your personal goals align with this conference.

4. Technical Skills with instances

5. List of your participation in any co-curricular activities

6. Video Testimonial (Not Compulsory)

7. Two Letter of Recommendations (Not Compulsory)

That is very motivating. What do you see as your major accomplishments so far?

I am proud of several accomplishments by now, few of them being as a leader I have served two tenures in my college Student Council (2019-2021) representing over 10,000 college students. I led the Quiz Club community as President in my School (MGD Girls’ School, Jaipur) in 2016-17. Best Delegate-II at National Technical Summit’19, SRM-IST, Chennai where 120+technology students competed to provide innovative solutions to upgrade tech-culture on campus. Women in Tech Lead-Manipal 2019-20 where I led the inclusive community of over 200 members, and now currently leading the Google’s DSC Manipal Chapter at my college. While being in all these roles I have also mastered skills like empathy, positivity and leadership. 

You are truly an inspiration and even a motivation for some, who are in STEM. 

Moving back to the scholarship, if given a choice, what do you think played a key role in you getting selected for this scholarship?

It is very difficult for me to formulate why I was chosen, had it been so direct I would’ve exactly known how to prepare for grabbing this opportunity. It is very fortunate that there is no direct trend of Scholars who got recognised by GHCI, I believe GHCI considered everyone as an individual with their own journey, and they give a fair chance to every girl for bringing the best out of themselves and presenting it in their application through either Essay answer or LORs or Video Testimonial. 

What I personally feel might have created an edge in my application is taking up the option Video Testimonial, one should always avail any opportunity present in an application where they can express in their best manner and for me I feel I am communicating most efficiently while conversing. 

Apart from this I also believe and displayed in my application my zeal for networking and gaining the most from eminent speakers at GHCI, I believed GHCI will encourage me to learn the about various fields and it’ll help me explore more about my interests and my domain in Tech at last make me feel empowered in a career path I chose where Women are currently a minority that laid out my major objectives of why I wanted to be part of this community, and at the same time what will I take back from this conference. 

That does sound quite informational, especially about your video testimonial. Do you have any other advice you would like to give future applicants? 


1. Be truthful in your application

2. Make the best use of Essay and Video testimonials in expressing what makes you the best candidate for Scholarship.

3. Don’t forget to mention your key takeaways from this experience while explaining why you should be chosen.

4. Be authentic

5. Make sure you are eligible for the scholarship (check the eligibility criteria )

6. Prove (using anecdotes or past experience or projects or work) that you have interest in technology 

7. Express if you don’t have easy access to opportunities, and how this conference will bridge the gap

Thank you so much, Prakriti for doing this interview. It has been an informational session with quite a few takeaways. Is there any way one can reach out to you in case of any further questions?


Please feel free to reach out to me for essay reviews or application process doubts 🙂

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We wish all the applicants the best and hope that they all get selected for the scholarships they apply for. Do not be afraid to try it even if you have any second thoughts because “A bruise is a lesson… and each lesson makes us better.”

― George R.R. Martin, A Game of Thrones

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