What is Amboss Scholarship?

Amboss scholarship mainly focuses to empower all doctors to provide the best possible care. It aims to serve those pursuing medicine as well as those already in the field as an extensive medical knowledge resource.

How it was founded?

Amboss was founded by a team of doctors focused to create a digital medical resource that could single-handedly support students in the classroom as well as later on as a clinical companion.

Details regarding the scholarship :

The Amboss Scholarship program is a global education fund worth $2 Million for medical students and relative domain. It focuses on providing a high-quality medical knowledge and resources are made accessible to all students. Amboss Scholarship Global Education Fund provides $2 million worth of AMBOSS access plans (with access to the Library, Qbank, and Analysis features, including mobile Apps for Android and iOS) to those most impacted by adversity in their work, school, and community environments.

Let’s see the experience of Daniell Edward Raharjo from University of Indonesia

Daniell, can you describe the application process in brief ?

AMBOSS collaborated with Asian Medical Students’ Association International (an organization I’m part of) to select candidates for the scholarship. We had to submit our CV and a brief motivation for the selection. Two best candidates are chosen per country to be given the scholarship.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Could be your story. Feel free to write about anything fun, deep, emotional or motivating!

I am currently a fourth-year medical student in Universitas Indonesia—the oldest medical school in the nation. Soon I will be taking a year abroad to Newcastle University in the UK to pursue my Masters’s degree. I have always been passionate about medical science and how I can impact others with it, even before I decided to be a doctor! I am interested in everything explaining how the body works. I sincerely hope that soon I will be able to help save many lives and be a positive influence on my community—even the world.

Major accomplishments

Academic Achievements:

■        Best WHO Delegate of International Model United Nations Conference 21.0

■        Recipient of Daewoong Foundation Scholarship and Mentoring Program 2020

■        Recipient of AMBOSS Global Education Scholarship 2020

■        Most Outstanding Student in Universitas Indonesia II 2020

■        Most Outstanding Student in Health Science Cluster Universitas Indonesia 2020

■        Most Outstanding Student Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia 2020

■        Most Honors Achieved, Liga Kreasi FKUI 2019

■        Silver Medalist Indonesian International Medical Olympiad 2019—Cardiorespiration Branch

■        Gold Medalist Gadjah Mada International Competition of Anatomy 2019

■        Highest GPA FKUI batch 2017 Second Year

■        Most Outstanding Student FKUI batch 2017, Second Year

■        3rd Place Scientific Poster Competition Asian Medical Students’ Conference 2019 Singapore, National University Singapore

■        1st Place Scientific Poster Competition, Pre-Conference Competition Asian Medical Students’ Conference 2019 Singapore

■        2nd Place National Cardiology Tournament, Weekend Course on Cardiology 2019, Indonesian Cardiovascular Foundation

■        1st Place and Highest Written Score, Indonesian Medical Physiology Olympiad 2019, Universitas Airlangga

■        Most Honors Achieved, Liga Kreasi FKUI 2018

■        1st Runner Up Scientific Paper Competition, East Asian Medical Students’ Conference 2019 Thailand, Chulalongkorn University

■        1st Place Scientific Paper Competition, Pre-conference Competition EAMSC 2019

■        3rd Place Poster Competition, Olimpiade Ilmiah Mahasiswa UI 2018

■        3rd Place Gastrointestinal Clinical Anatomy Olympiad, AMYGDALA 2018, Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang

■        4th Place Cardiology Medical Competition, SPORA 2018, Universitas Sriwijaya

■        Most Outstanding Student FKUI batch 2017 First Year

■        3rd Highest GPA of FKUI batch 2017 First Year

■        1st and Favorite Winner of Public Poster — Indonesian International (bio)Medical Students’ Congress 2018

■        1st and Favorite Winner of Inspirational Poster — Olimpiade Ilmiah Mahasiswa FKUI 2018

Organizational Achievements:

■        Director of Publication and Promotions AMSA International 2020-2021

■        Member of Royal Society of Public Health

■        Member of International Association of Student Surgical Societies 2020-2021

■        Medical Student Member of American College of Physicians

■        Associate Member of Scientific Organization of Medical Students 2020-2021

■        Candidate Student Member of American College of Surgeons 2020

■        Member of AMSA-UI Representative Election Board 2020-2021

■        Medical Science Correspondent and Publicity Officer in Project Insight

■        Project Officer of World Immunization Week Competition 2020

■        Project Officer of World AIDS Day Competition 2019

■        Director of Academics Asian Medical Students’ Association International 2019-2020

■        Director of Finance Asian Medical Students’ Association-Universitas Indonesia 2019-2020

■        Editorial Board eNewsletter Asian Medical Students’ Association International 2018-2019

■        Research Team in Asian Medical Students’ Association-Indonesia 2018-2019

Why do you think you were selected?

They were selected on the basis of academic excellence and activity in the organization. I believe I may have been selected on the basis of academic merit as I have been fortunately chosen as the Most Outstanding Student in the Faculty of Medicine. Adding to that I am also a member of the executive committee in the organization (AMSA International) so that may have influenced the selection too. Regardless, I am very lucky and grateful to have been given this opportunity.

If you’re a past scholar, can you tell us a bit about your experience? Others enter N/A.

The AMBOSS Global Education Scholarship has given me a great opportunity to enrich my medical education as it offers me 6 months of free access to quality resources. I can learn many things through their apps which provide high-yield information and then test my comprehension through the many quizzes and assessments that AMBOSS provides. Their experience so far has been wonderful!

Any advice you would like to give future applicants? 

Don’t be afraid to try a scholarship—especially if it’s just on the basis of fear of rejection! You’ll never realize how truly capable and exceptional you are until you take that first step to try. 

Daniell is interested in guiding and mentoring applicants.

To summarize, the Amboss Education Scholarship is mainly for medical students . It provides a financial assistance to all the aspiring medical students and gives them many opportunities to network with different doctors and students around the globe. 

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