In the modern world, entrepreneurship is not just about starting a new business and scaling it to generate profits, it’s about transforming the world by solving big problems.

In today’s interview series, we bring to you an exclusive interview with Mr Satanik Roy, Co-Founder Hyperxchange.

Mr Satanik Roy is an engineer turned entrepreneur. A postgraduate from Stanford University, he started HyperXchange from his dorm room which now has offices across Kolkata, Mumbai and Edinburgh, UK. Today he is listed amongst the most dynamic leaders and entrepreneurs in Forbes 30 Under 30 (India & Asia ‘21). 

A successful entrepreneur, he has authored several books and has been featured on CNBC, Business Today and several other media platforms. Owing to his dedication and commitment, his successful venture is now featured as a case study at prestigious institutes like IIT Delhi and in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s official government manual – PMYUVA.

HyperXchange is a one-stop solution for all premium electronics gadgets that make your everyday life As Good As New (AGAiN). It rejuvenates one’s experiences with electronics ranging from phones, laptops, and brand-new accessories & gadgets.

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Q1) Can you tell us a bit about yourself? (background, hobbies,etc)

East India’s first Forbes 30 Under 30,

A Mechanical Engineer turned Entrepreneur started out of a dorm room, building hyperXchange to over several millions dollars valuation.

hyperXchange has been invested by IIM-Calcutta, Microsoft, CP Gurnani (CEO Tech Mahindra), Debu Mukherjee (CMO, UB Group), Mukesh Soni (Executive Director, JP Morgan) and several other investors.

Authored ‘The Classic Retreat of Anarchy’ and ‘I Met the Demon’.

Post-graduation from Stanford University.

Featured over CNBC, Hindustan Times, Times of India and several other Media Platforms.

Was featured as a case study in PM Modi’s official government manual for PMYuva.

Principal Venture Capital Investment Partner in Drishtycone Ventures, holding over 10+ investments across tech sectors including drones, media, logistics etc

Spoke in several media, forums and universities including IITs and IIMs. Was hosted and honored by the Consulate General of Scotland and Japan.

Q2) What inspired you to start this venture/service/business?

My childhood was filled with loud joint family and magical group friends whom I hated at times but loved much more often. Late nights tuitions, sticky fingers covered with every color of the red rubber ball and mud after a golden afternoon spent playing cricket.

Of building worlds in my head, worlds full of dreams galloping wild and free, worlds where I wanted to be like my comic superheroes and nothing else, worlds of superhero figures that seemed are able to fly and shoot fire out of their hands, worlds where anything was possible if we said it was. Where I shaped the earth with my mind, where there were no limits other than our imaginations.

Childhood to me was breaking window panes, hitting sixes, the terror of being alone in a dark, of the tiffin time in school on bright summer days where clouds were a rare sight and where our only worries were our shirt has turned from white to black, and we would be punished again.

It was hiking with my father over a mile to enjoy candy in return for studying late. It was marvelous at how if we walked lightly enough, we wouldn’t splash through the puddles that covered the monsoon roads in Howrah. Altogether, my childhood was good. I am lucky that I was allowed to run free, allowed to dream. I will always be thankful for my early days.

That has exactly been the story that shaped me to believe, “For they conquer, who believe they can!”

Q3) What are some of the challenges you faced?

As each and every entrepreneur faces, making the initial connections, learning to be a jack of all trades, managing revenue, overcoming operational challenges and financial breakdowns, managing and scaling the team, has been both a challenge and a fascinating experience.

Q4) How do you manage studies along with this?

I remember pitching to investors, in classes under desks as well as in washrooms.

I happened to have had a great group of college-dorm roommates, and an awesome set of professors, my cofounders, friends and family who helped me realise the dream.

Q5) How were the initial responses like?

Jack of all trades, every entrepreneur has to wear every cap when they start, getting one’s hands dirty and learning every aspect of a venture scaling is important to grow in leadership and controlling things when the brand becomes a giant.

Q6) It requires a lot of courage and confidence to embark on something like this. Where do you find the strength and positivity to grow this venture every day?

The foremost important factor has been my co-founders – Dipanjan Purkayastha, Asish Chakraborty and Shipra Purkayastha.

The personal sacrifices day in and day out, the leadership and experience that pushed and does, to make a story, the world will look up to someday.

Is the biggest inspiration, to wake up and execute dreams every day.

Q7) What all have changed since you began your journey as an entrepreneur?

Learning to be patient and persistent, realizing personal sacrifices often lead you to crossroads where you need to choose between ‘Personal life and The Dream’, learning all trades, practices, processes and execution.

Entrepreneurship is a beautiful experience that grows an individual to a point where their journey starts to be appreciated and looked up at.

Q8) So many students want to do something outside their academics but don’t know where to begin. What do you want to tell them?

Be a fool, not to know and have figured everything out before starting.

Rather, if you dream, jump off the cliff and build your airplane before you hit the ground.

Q9) What’s your biggest learning lesson from this?

Dreams do come true, choices made, shapes an individual over time.

Q10) What are your plans for the future?

Creating higher sustainability, automation and frugality in the overall process and venture growth of hyperXchange focusing on building Global Brand.

Q11) What’s your motivation to keep going every day?

Sales figures end of the day and appreciation texts from a random individual who looks up to the story.

As it is rightly said, “Dreams don’t work unless you do”, hearing this from a successful man makes it all the more real to believe. It’s never too late to start dreaming and working hard to achieve them!

Feeling inspired?

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