“Oh, you’re not from the IT Background? Then why did you choose Computers ?”. You just read the most vexatious question for every non-tech person out there who chooses computers. In today’s modern world, people judge each other according to their educational background. They think if you’re new to something, you’ll either fail or leave, but Sukanyaa is an example to every person out there who thinks this way. She is a successful IT Product Analyst/Owner, Aspiring Product Manager, AWS Certified Solutions Architect ☁️ & even more than that. Being an undergraduate in Psychology to pursuing her master’s In IT & Management at The University of Texas at Dallas & becoming a GHC 2020 Scholar, let us take you out on a rollercoaster of her life.


Q1. Tell us a little of you. Could be your story. Feel free to write about anything fun, profound, emotional, or motivational! 

>> Stepping into a Technical career path from a non-technical background has never been a piece of cake. However, my passion for Cloud Technology has motivated me in hunting for great opportunities. I’m Sukanyaa, pursuing Masters in Information Technology and Management at the University of Texas at Dallas. Every time I reveal that I did my Undergrad in Psychology, people ask me one thing: “Can you read my mind and tell me what I think?” And I will be like: 🤯 Seriously? But, during my work experience, I came to know that I am a people person, my boon: people management skills. Thinking about the wonders I shall accomplish by combining the Management and technical skills and my fascination with Cloud Technology, I decided to pursue a Master’s program.

Q2. Major accomplishments?

>> 1. First graduate in my Family. 

     2. First woman in the family to pursue higher studies.

     3. the First woman in the family to go to work

Q3. Why do you think you were selected?

>> I clearly explained and articulated the motivation that I had to envision my passion and dream in my essay.

Q4. Any failures or rejections? 

>>  1. After my under graduation, I applied to a particular university in India- which was rejected 

       2. I failed to gain financial aid/scholarships, Teaching/ Research assistance, the on-campus job in the university – which lead to financial constraints

      3. Despite the time and efforts invested, I didn’t get an internship opportunity to date. 

Q5. Any advice you would like to give future applicants?

>> Every tiny opportunity is invaluable. Apply for everything you find, try-hard. It’s ok even if you don’t get selected, but you’ll know how to improvise the next time. If you lose, it will be a lesson. If you succeed, it will be an experience.

Sukanya’s story of failures, rejections & then ultimately achieving so many things in her life tells us that success takes time, but it’s not that you’re not going to succeed simply because you’re failing. Failure is part of growth. Connect with her on LinkedIn & stay motivated !!

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Always remember If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success.

Keep Hustling !!

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