FinTech Internship

Why should you consider a FinTech Internship?

Eventually, as a FinTech intern, you'll learn how to tackle your regular duties with versatility. Within this fast-paced industry the standard for the 'status quo' is likely to change on a regular basis. It teaches applicants how to deal with the inevitable nature of transition in today's work market, and even prosper.

Interview with Adobe India WIT Scholar Juhi Tiwari

Adobe Women in Technology Scholarship + Interview with Juhi Tiwari

In this article, ScholarshipTrack goes over the Adobe Research Women-in-Technology Scholarship, which aims to bring greater diversity into the field of technology. ScholarshipTrack also provides an interview with a former winner, Juhi Tiwari, to walk potential applicants through the application process. Juhi Tiwari is one of the many inspiring females who’s dedicated her time to spreading STEM throughout her community.