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Top 9 tips to crack your first hackathon

Top 9 tips to crack your first hackathon!

A brilliant idea cannot win a hackathon by itself. It is a blend of the right method, the right plan, and the right team that eventually wins hackathons. We have compiled a list of best tips one should keep in mind during a hackathon. We hope it helps you to crack a hackathon!

How to ace Virtual scholarship interviews


As daunting as virtual scholarship interviews may sound, it is a piece of cake. Work with us, learn from us, and bring out our strategies to your home when you have your virtual scholarship interview! You are never alone; Scholarship Track is always here to lead the way. Let us lead you the way in acing your virtual scholarship interview!


I'm so impressed with Scholarship Track's content and all that it's accomplished thus far.

Revanth Chimmani, Senior Software Engineer at Accolite

Thank you for providing these fantastic opportunities to students such as myself.

Aveline Knoop, Student at USC Annenberg

Scholarship Track is one of the first things I check everyday on LinkedIn. Thank you so much for gathering so many scholarhsips and opportunities at one place. Kudos to you all!

Tanishka Bansal, Student at University of Arizona