Our Leadership Team consists of a small team of talented students with a wide range of skills and experience who love what they do, and do it with passion. Meet them here.

Sakshi Rambhia


Our vision is to make this the largest scholarship community- discussing their opportunities and a way to achieve it. Nobody should miss out on opportunities because of the lack of awareness. At the same time, we aim aspirants increase their chances by giving them insight into the stories of past participants and winners.

Ashna Ranade

Lead, Social Media Manager

I’ve always wanted to work with a Youth led organisation and Scholarship Track is enabling me to do so. I have been loving it here so far, can’t wait to see this community grow.

Tracy Manoj

Growth Strategist

I’m glad to help other students grow and make the most out of college. It’s a wonderful cause to contribute to and it gives me treasured learning experiences every day.

Vidhi Parikh

Lead, Content Team

Hey! I am Vidhi, a final year medical student. I am passionate about creative writing and I am really amazed how the correct words can bring life to an uninteresting subject. Apart from a medical student, I am also an avid reader, writer and menstrual health advocator, reasercher and educator. I believe we raise by lifting others and helping and inspiring them to achieve their dreams and so I always look forward to help others in every possible way that I can and I am really grateful for this opportunity here at Scholarship Track.

Deepak Adarsh

Lead Graphic Designer

Working for a Youth Led Initiative, having like minded people with a total freedom of sharing opinions has been exhilarating. So has been my journey, with Scholarship Track.

Sai Tarun Kaniganti

Lead Social Media Manager, YouTube

I believe in the cause which truly helps me to work with passion. I have been loving my work so far, it’s been an amazing journey.

Shirin Julka

Lead PR & Outreach, Asia-Pacific

Well, I have always believed that we rise only by lifting others and Scholarship Track has given me this opportunity. It’s been great working with the team so far.

Jivat Neet

Lead Ambassador

I completely resonate with the idea of Scholarships being available but not accessible and the drive to change this made me join Scholarship Track. Collaborating with highly motivated individuals working towards creating the largest scholarship community has been a truly rewarding experience.

Aditi Narayan

Lead Website Developer

A high school senior from Bangalore, India, I’m a professional tennis player as well as a math and computer science geek. I’m always eager to help people in any way possible and at Scholarship Track, I do that by keeping our existing infrastructure operating smoothly and developing new technology to help us reach more people! When I’m not on the tennis court, at the gym or nerding out on math, you can find me reading, singing, swimming or baking.

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