25+ communities for budding entrepreneurs in India

Entrepreneurship requires a lot of hard work and support to attain success. While the hard work part may be obvious for many budding entrepreneurs, the support may not be available always. Being part of entrepreneurial communities is the best way to gain this support. Read on to find which communities in India are helping budding entrepreneurs soar high.

How to get internships at fortune 500 companies?

If you're in college and you're looking to use an internship to get your foot in your dream company door, then you're not alone. The competition for such slots is expected to be intense, but the good news is that you can do some things to improve your chances of landing a role that will give you the skills and experience you need to succeed in a number of your field related areas.

This article will illustrate some of the important tips to keep in mind before applying for an internship. After all, if you know what career direction you would like to pursue, why not start as soon as possible?


In response to COVID 19, SERUM was built to provide hand sanitizers and face masks to 450 families from underprivileged communities such as the urban poor and refugees across Selangor. Every RM10 donated allowed SERUM to provide 1 bottle of hand sanitizer and 5 face masks to these communities in need.

Learn how SERUM was built by student entrepreneur Shy Kit Wong and learn to master his tips and tricks for success by reading more!