From cracking into the toughest Canadian Institute to operating with Tesla – Success Story of Daivik Goel

Meet Daivik Goel, a Waterloo University graduate(the toughest Canadian institution to crack.) who worked as a Product Manager Intern at Tesla (dream company of many out there) a year back. Daivik is a talented tech chap. He is a Product Author, Video Creator & Podcast Host at TheAlmostDropouts, also to add the cherry on top he worked as a Cognitive Software Intern at IBM. Don't you think it's amazing?  Read more to find out!

Guest writing program: Clustering in Machine Learning for python by Dharani Mandla

One of our applicants from our exclusive Guest Writing Program shares her knowledge on clustering in machine learning for python. Thank you Dharani Mandla for sharing your knowledge with us! This is an in-depth article focusing on clustering algorithms and their types, followed with examples like K-Means clustering, DBSCAN and Mean Shift Algorithms as well as applications of clusterings. If interested in sharing one of your pieces suited for our Scholarship Track audience do apply to our Guest Writing Program - Happy reading!