Effective networking online is the key for people seeking opportunities, possibly an internship, a remote job, given broader industry trends and permanent work from home announcements from major companies. LinkedIn can be your best friend in expanding your network. It offers the chance to track trends, make meaningful connections, and maintain a curated digital resume that recruiters and potential employers can easily access and review. The problem that lies is that people often make mistakes on LinkedIn. That not only wastes their time but damages their credibility with these people. To ensure this does not happen to you, you should understand and utilize proper LinkedIn etiquette and best practices.

Setting up your LinkedIn profile

To do’s
  • Make sure that the picture you use as your profile photo looks professional. Many people use pictures that look unprofessional. Your profile photo should only have your face, not your friend, partner, or pet. Make sure you use a picture where your face is visible and recognizable to make a good impression.
  • Do not shy back from flaunting your achievements on LinkedIn. The more you put yourself out there, showcasing your work and interests, the better people will know how capable you are. This will attract opportunities according to your profile.
  • Send connection requests to people you know or would like to connect with. Try to personalize your invites. People are much more likely to just accept your request if you either remind them of how they know you or explain why they must connect with you.


  • Remember, you are here to connect with people and grow. Do not hesitate to connect with new people and interact with them.
  • LinkedIn is a professional network and so, do not share any content that does not promote you as a professional.

Now that you have set up your account and know the Do’s and Dont’s, here’s how to make the best of LinkedIn and connect with new individuals.

When someone accepts a request to join your network, send them a customized Welcome Message. You should welcome them into your LinkedIn network. This is the crucial difference between simply adding connections to your network and building real relationships. To form interest among your new connections, you need to show interest in them.

Similarly, you should not take more than two days to respond to a message.

Stay forefront within the mind of your connections and nurture your relationships. If you stumble upon content that might be of interest or value to someone specific within your network (especially an opportunity or client), send it to them in a private message.

At last, just remember that LinkedIn is a professional platform so share only the things that represent your professional portfolio. 

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