You are only confined by the walls you build yourself” is a famous quote by Andrew Murphy. People like Rohana are breaking those walls to fulfill their dreams and hence become an inspiration for a lot more girls out there.
Let’s learn more about this WiCyS scholar, her achievements, and experiences in life to learn something, get motivated, and start working on our dreams!

Women in CyberSecurity (WiCyS)  is a community for engagement, encouragement, and support of women in the cybersecurity field. It is a premier organization with a national reach, dedicated to bringing women into cybersecurity (from academics, research, and industry) to share their knowledge, experience and for networking and mentoring. 

Key Points of the Interview

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  1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

“I graduated from Pace University with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science in the year 2019.”

  1. How would you define your college life in a single line? Also, what are your hobbies apart from being a techie?

“My college life when described in a single line is filled with volunteer projects and a treasure box of good memories and experiences. Talking about hobbies, I am a very creative person who enjoys a variety of creative endeavors such as crocheting, writing, and a lot more. But using my technical hands is my personal favorite.” 

  1. Describe the application process in brief.

“There might be slight changes in the application process with each year passing by, The application in 2019 when I applied during my senior year at Pace University consisted of two short essay question: 

➢ Explaining why you want to attend WiCyS and

➢ How it would benefit you if you attend. 

They also asked to describe your hands-on experience with Cyber Security activities whether at school or on your own.” 

  1. Major accomplishments.

Her accomplishments until now are amazing. So, Let’s start counting.
She is a Software Engineer at IBM. Featured in IBM CIO Magazine – 2020 and IBM Nomination Award. She is one of the recipients of the 2019 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing
Pace University Commencement 2019 – Student Speaker
Pace University Commencement Community Service Award 2019 – Highest Honor of
Pace University, and Bronze Medal Jefferson Award 2017

  1. Why do you think you were selected?

“Passion and determination are the two major factors. But apart from these values, one of the key factors was participating in the National Cyber League Club Chapter led by students at Pace University. Also, I have a genuine interest in learning more about Cyber Security (professionally) from others who are also passionate and experienced in this field.

  1. What was your experience as a Scholar?

“I’m very grateful for having attended WiCyS 2019 in Pittsburgh, PA since that is where I met more IBM colleagues of mine. It was an exciting and worthwhile experience to stay in touch with them in the long term. The career fair and events along with the presentations of inspirational speakers amazing learning opportunities that I took notes on, to be applied in my career. The friendships I’ve made and the moments shared with them are what I will continue to cherish.”

  1. Any advice you would like to give future applicants?

“Show who you are and that you are genuinely interested in being a part of the Cyber Security filed. Think about how you can envision yourself in the field and how you have gained some Cyber Security skills that show you have an understanding of what it means to be involved in Cyber Security. Be open-minded because you never know how an experience such as WiCyS can positively impact and change your career, opening new doors.” 

While women around the globe are considered as a minority when it comes to technology, Rosana and other women like her are emerging to be stronger and smarter each day. They are the living examples that whatever field they are in, from technology to medicine, politics to administrative services, women can ace it all. It doesn’t matter where you are from, what age group you belong to, or what gender defines you. You are always free to follow your passion and achieve it all. 


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