Online learning in the times of Covid’19: Understanding the pros and cons.

High school and college students are experiencing uncharted territory when it comes to their education: transitioning from in-person classroom and…


Vinay Sutaria is a computer science graduate, currently working as an IT consultant. He is an avid reader and researcher, particularly in the field of behavioral sciences, artificial intelligence and mind-hacking. He enjoys traveling and exploring. Motivated by Pramukh Swami Maharaj’s words: “In the joy of others, lies our own” – he is on a mission to transform your life through his creation: “The Keshav Way” all at the age of 22! Learn more about how you, the youth, can follow his footsteps into a successful entrepreneurial journey by reading this article!

From cracking into the toughest Canadian Institute to operating with Tesla – Success Story of Daivik Goel

Meet Daivik Goel, a Waterloo University graduate(the toughest Canadian institution to crack.) who worked as a Product Manager Intern at Tesla (dream company of many out there) a year back. Daivik is a talented tech chap. He is a Product Author, Video Creator & Podcast Host at TheAlmostDropouts, also to add the cherry on top he worked as a Cognitive Software Intern at IBM. Don't you think it's amazing?  Read more to find out!