Tips to do well in oline classes

How to ace your online classes

To combat the current situation of COVID 19 – it is up to you to change your attitude and revert to the direction you planned to go in at the start of the year. Scholarship Track brings you this exclusive article in our #TipSeries on how to ace your online classes!

Interview with GHC '20 Scholar Deborah Mepaiyeda

Claim Your Throne in The Tech World with Rewriting the Code Fellowship Program recipient: Deborah Mepaiyeda

Being a woman of the 21st century has its obstacles. Whether it is being body-shamed on social media, having to deal with the creepy stares on your most intimate parts, being used or abused by a male to satisfy his sexual pleasure leaving your heart broken and mind confused – enough is enough. It is time to rise up. Be inspired to transpire with an exclusive interview with Deborah Mepaiyeda – a successful recipient of Rewriting the Code Fellowship Program.

Interview with JPMorgan Chase & Co. Software Engineering Intern Karen Vu

Walk the JP Morgan Software Engineering Intern Path with Karen!

JPMorgan Chase & Co. is one of the most prestigious companies in the world – it holds the title of being the largest bank in the United States, the seventh- largest bank in the world and Fortune-listed 11th top company. Come on board with Scholarship Track and learn about the various opportunities offered for Software engineer students and gain exclusive insight from JP Morgan Software Engineer intern: Karen Vu!

Microsoft Opportunities in Business & Marketing via

Imagine landing an internship at one of the top companies in the world – Microsoft! Adding an internship at Microsoft in your career path is a treasure as it enables you to grow personally by identifying your strengths and weaknesses for the job, as well as professionally by growing your network base. Below we have provided you, commerce graduates, with top internship opportunities to take advantage of!