How to ace Virtual scholarship interviews


As daunting as virtual scholarship interviews may sound, it is a piece of cake. Work with us, learn from us, and bring out our strategies to your home when you have your virtual scholarship interview! You are never alone; Scholarship Track is always here to lead the way. Let us lead you the way in acing your virtual scholarship interview!

37 Scholarships offered by the Government of India

37 Scholarships offered by the Government of India

Though there are many scholarships available in India offered by different agencies, the scholarships awarded by the Government of India do stand out as they are vast in number and are provided for a wide variety of purposes and disciplines, and are highly reliable sources. Read on to know more about these scholarships available right from high school to postgraduate level and even for studies abroad offered by the Government of India.

13 student opportunities at Disney


Disney is a top 500 Fortune- listed company and one of the most admirable companies in the world. Disney is more than just a company – but has impacted our lives significantly since we were children, by gifting us the ability to imagine and shape us to be the people we are today. Disney continues to create and bring magic to the world – be part of this global magical sphere by capitalizing on the many opportunities it presents and in return, profit off the value of the Disney stamp added to your CV!