Interview with JPMorgan Chase & Co. Software Engineering Intern Karen Vu

Walk the JP Morgan Software Engineering Intern Path with Karen!

JPMorgan Chase & Co. is one of the most prestigious companies in the world – it holds the title of being the largest bank in the United States, the seventh- largest bank in the world and Fortune-listed 11th top company. Come on board with Scholarship Track and learn about the various opportunities offered for Software engineer students and gain exclusive insight from JP Morgan Software Engineer intern: Karen Vu!

FinTech Internship

Why should you consider a FinTech Internship?

Eventually, as a FinTech intern, you'll learn how to tackle your regular duties with versatility. Within this fast-paced industry the standard for the 'status quo' is likely to change on a regular basis. It teaches applicants how to deal with the inevitable nature of transition in today's work market, and even prosper.