25+ communities for budding entrepreneurs in India

25+ communities for budding entrepreneurs in India

Entrepreneurship requires a lot of hard work and support to attain success. While the hard work part may be obvious for many budding entrepreneurs, the support may not be available always. Being part of entrepreneurial communities is the best way to gain this support. Read on to find which communities in India are helping budding entrepreneurs soar high.

37 Scholarships offered by the Government of India

37 Scholarships offered by the Government of India

Though there are many scholarships available in India offered by different agencies, the scholarships awarded by the Government of India do stand out as they are vast in number and are provided for a wide variety of purposes and disciplines, and are highly reliable sources. Read on to know more about these scholarships available right from high school to postgraduate level and even for studies abroad offered by the Government of India.

Top 35 study abroad scholarships every Indian student in tech should check out!

Top 35 study abroad scholarships that every Indian student in tech should check out!

It is the dream of every passionate tech student to pursue higher education that will broaden their horizons in the field and provide the necessary exposure to thrive in the industry. Studying abroad could help you well with that. This decision will not only let you access top programs offered by some of the best universities in the world but also familiarize yourself with the global economy. 

There are a lot of scholarships available exclusively for Indian students to pursue higher education abroad in the field of technology without worrying about financing expensive courses. So if you are one of those tech enthusiast students from India, read on to know more about which scholarships will open the doors to education abroad to help you further explore your passion for technology!

Top Indian Institutes offering research internship programs

Top Indian institutes offering research internship programs

There are a lot of research opportunities in India today. But the premier Indian institutions like the IITs, NITs, IISc, IISERs, IIST, etc. still hold the charm of being the best centers of research and development in the country. Be it the prestige of the institutions, research facilities, quality of the programs, or the presence of esteemed faculty, these institutions do have a lot to boast about. While there are many research opportunities for the students who have made it into these prestigious institutions, these institutes also provide research internship opportunities to students interested in research all over the country. So research enthusiasts, assemble quickly and read on to know more about the various research internship opportunities at these centers of excellence.

Interview with Microsoft PM Intern Ting Ting Huang

PM internship at Microsoft: Interview with Ting Ting Huang

Ting Ting Huang has bagged the Program Manager Internship at Microsoft. Though she initially believed that only developers could succeed in the tech industry, this rising senior happened to find her true calling in being a program manager and serving as the liaison between technical and non-technical people. Read on to know more about how she tackled this exciting journey.

Scholarships opportunities for high school students in India

Scholarship opportunities for high school students in India

Scholarships can perhaps make or break one’s life. Though not much popular like their college counterparts, there are plenty of scholarship opportunities starting right from high school for Indian students. Winning scholarships at the high school level not only provides you with the early advantages of financial assistance, mentorship, and other perks, but the right program could even make you stand out and change the course of your life. If you are a high school student in India then, come, see and conquer these programs if it fits you just right!