Interview with Forbes 30 Under 30 Scholar Sabrina Kundu

Meet a Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit Scholar, Sabrina Kundu

Sabrina Kundu is a rising senior studying computer science at Virginia Commonwealth University. Kundu is also a recipient of the prestigious Grace Hopper Celebration Student Scholarship. In this article, Kundu goes over the application process, her accomplishments that helped her win, and the pathway to becoming a Grace Hopper Celebration Scholar.

Interview with Adobe India WIT Scholar Juhi Tiwari

Adobe Women in Technology Scholarship + Interview with Juhi Tiwari

In this article, ScholarshipTrack goes over the Adobe Research Women-in-Technology Scholarship, which aims to bring greater diversity into the field of technology. ScholarshipTrack also provides an interview with a former winner, Juhi Tiwari, to walk potential applicants through the application process. Juhi Tiwari is one of the many inspiring females who’s dedicated her time to spreading STEM throughout her community.

An Interview with Ananya Bal – an Advocate for Women in STEM fields

As a GHC scholar, Bal was invited to the Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC), an international conference for women in technology. At the event, Bal met females leaders in the technology world and found opportunities for internships in her respective field. Bal’s leadership and commitment for females in STEM will only strengthen as the years go by. Soon, it won’t be uncommon for a room filled with females studying STEM.