How to maximize productivity in college

How to maximize your productivity while in college?

It is every student’s dream to keep up with good grades and stay ahead of deadlines but this can be challenging at times and we may end up procrastinating. We all know we have 24 hours in a day. Lack of direction and not lack of time is the problem. 

Well, read onto this blog where we have enlisted the highest impacting productivity tools that will help you boost your productivity and thereby achieve all your goals.

Interview with Google STEP Intern Lian Bourett

Interview with Lian Bourret, the recipient of Google STEP internship

Always dreamt of working at Google as an undergrad student and wanted to improve your technical skills? But then didn't know where and how to apply. Well, wait no more, read this blog which features an interview of Lian Bourret, the recipient of the Google STEP internship who believes how being open-minded will introduce you to amazing new opportunities, and thereby enhance your resume.

How to choose between USMLE and PLAB

Choosing between USMLE/PLAB

Are you a medical student? Confused between choosing USMLE or PLAB. Well, being a medical student, time is the most valuable constituent, and secondly getting accurate information and then working towards the goal is important. Read on this blog, to know about both the exams in depth.

All you need to know about pursuing a career in Healthcare Law

Opportunities in Healthcare Law – All you need to know about pursuing a career in Healthcare Law

Who is a Juris doctor?Always been curious about who decides and improvise different rules and regulations governing the healthcare system, privacy about a patient's rights, and quality care, safety about the newly discovered drug at the sake of providing justice to all and making better lives. Well, it's the healthcare lawyer who deals with such issues. read on to quench your curiosity about healthcare law.

How to prepare a resume with no prior experience

How to prepare a resume with no prior experience

Always dreamt about your first job? Also knowing how a perfect first job will help you to kick start your career. Designing a well-written resume can be a great challenge because your acceptance or rejection for a particular job depends on the resume. Read onto this blog and we will show you how to craft an impressive resume with no prior work experience.