Scoring an internship at Facebook is impressive - as it enables access to more opportunities as well as helps you grow your skills and knowledge. Facebook is a prestigious company, and the application process can be competitive, tough and rough - but do not worry we are here to prep you! Learn how Oindrilla Chakraborty bagged a summer internship as an MBA intern at Facebook as she shares exclusive tips and tricks!

Tips to ace online exams


Taking an online exam is a new and somewhat bewildering experience for some students. They do not know what to expect, and they are not aware of the abilities and techniques that will make it possible for them to perform at their best. We have compiled a list of best tips to ace online exams. We hope it helps you to do well in your online exams.

All you need to know about pursuing a career in Healthcare Law

Opportunities in Healthcare Law – All you need to know about pursuing a career in Healthcare Law

Who is a Juris doctor?Always been curious about who decides and improvise different rules and regulations governing the healthcare system, privacy about a patient's rights, and quality care, safety about the newly discovered drug at the sake of providing justice to all and making better lives. Well, it's the healthcare lawyer who deals with such issues. read on to quench your curiosity about healthcare law.

Tips to do well in oline classes

How to ace your online classes

To combat the current situation of COVID 19 – it is up to you to change your attitude and revert to the direction you planned to go in at the start of the year. Scholarship Track brings you this exclusive article in our #TipSeries on how to ace your online classes!

How to prepare a resume with no prior experience

How to prepare a resume with no prior experience

Always dreamt about your first job? Also knowing how a perfect first job will help you to kick start your career. Designing a well-written resume can be a great challenge because your acceptance or rejection for a particular job depends on the resume. Read onto this blog and we will show you how to craft an impressive resume with no prior work experience.