Top 9 things to add in your Design or Photography portfolio

Want to showcase your personality using your photos or designs?

The perfect tool for it is to create a portfolio. When crafting a portfolio, a series of confusions and questions arise. 

To resolve this we have prioritized the top 10 things you should add in your portfolio. 

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Interview with UI/UX Designer Dhruvi N Brahmbhatt

Dhruvi N Brahmbhatt on rising above rejections

This is the first article of our Phoenix Series which is an attempt to show the side of failure and rejection. We have attempted to do this by interviewing ‘Dhruvi M Brahmbhatt’.  She is presently a UI/UX Designer and Developer. She is also the one with a ‘Never Give Up’ kind of attitude.

 The following blog will take you through a ride of her setbacks and her steps forward.

Hold tight to find out and read more!!!!