From being a high school geek to a WTM scholar – Aditi Chauhan’s journey is truly inspiring !

Aditi Chauhan says she used to be your typical high school computer nerd. Check out this article to discover how she went on to be a WTM scholar and how that has changed her life!

Microsoft Opportunities in Business & Marketing via

Imagine landing an internship at one of the top companies in the world – Microsoft! Adding an internship at Microsoft in your career path is a treasure as it enables you to grow personally by identifying your strengths and weaknesses for the job, as well as professionally by growing your network base. Below we have provided you, commerce graduates, with top internship opportunities to take advantage of!

Are you recruitment ready?

Are you a recent graduate or student searching for a job or an internship? Do you not know the right approach or strategy to ace those interviews? Don’t worry! Scholarship track brings you the right tips to make yourself recruitment ready. This article focuses on highlighting the important points that one must keep in mind while hunting for a job or an internship.