Top Indian Institutes offering research internship programs

Top Indian institutes offering research internship programs

There are a lot of research opportunities in India today. But the premier Indian institutions like the IITs, NITs, IISc, IISERs, IIST, etc. still hold the charm of being the best centers of research and development in the country. Be it the prestige of the institutions, research facilities, quality of the programs, or the presence of esteemed faculty, these institutions do have a lot to boast about. While there are many research opportunities for the students who have made it into these prestigious institutions, these institutes also provide research internship opportunities to students interested in research all over the country. So research enthusiasts, assemble quickly and read on to know more about the various research internship opportunities at these centers of excellence.

All you need to know about pursuing a career in Healthcare Law

Opportunities in Healthcare Law – All you need to know about pursuing a career in Healthcare Law

Who is a Juris doctor?Always been curious about who decides and improvise different rules and regulations governing the healthcare system, privacy about a patient's rights, and quality care, safety about the newly discovered drug at the sake of providing justice to all and making better lives. Well, it's the healthcare lawyer who deals with such issues. read on to quench your curiosity about healthcare law.