Interview with VMware Product Intern Aishwarya Lakshmi Renganathan

How to transform your dreams into reality. Interview with VMware’s product intern Aiswarya Lakshmi Renganathan

Growing up in a traditional Indian family – yes, we know how they always want us to be a doctor – Aiswarya Lakshmi Renganathan had a dream. The dream to live an independent lifestyle – motivated by a friend, Aiswarya unlocked her dream by being accepted into Stony Brook University’s Master of Science Program and gained a product development internship at VMware, a top software company headquartered in California. This is her story.

Interview with Google STEP Intern Lian Bourett

Interview with Lian Bourret, the recipient of Google STEP internship

Always dreamt of working at Google as an undergrad student and wanted to improve your technical skills? But then didn't know where and how to apply. Well, wait no more, read this blog which features an interview of Lian Bourret, the recipient of the Google STEP internship who believes how being open-minded will introduce you to amazing new opportunities, and thereby enhance your resume.

Interview with Microsoft PM Intern Ting Ting Huang

PM internship at Microsoft: Interview with Ting Ting Huang

Ting Ting Huang has bagged the Program Manager Internship at Microsoft. Though she initially believed that only developers could succeed in the tech industry, this rising senior happened to find her true calling in being a program manager and serving as the liaison between technical and non-technical people. Read on to know more about how she tackled this exciting journey.

Interview with Forbes 30 Under 30 Scholar Sabrina Kundu

Meet a Forbes 30 Under 30 Summit Scholar, Sabrina Kundu

Sabrina Kundu is a rising senior studying computer science at Virginia Commonwealth University. Kundu is also a recipient of the prestigious Grace Hopper Celebration Student Scholarship. In this article, Kundu goes over the application process, her accomplishments that helped her win, and the pathway to becoming a Grace Hopper Celebration Scholar.

Interview with JPMorgan Chase & Co. Software Engineering Intern Karen Vu

Walk the JP Morgan Software Engineering Intern Path with Karen!

JPMorgan Chase & Co. is one of the most prestigious companies in the world – it holds the title of being the largest bank in the United States, the seventh- largest bank in the world and Fortune-listed 11th top company. Come on board with Scholarship Track and learn about the various opportunities offered for Software engineer students and gain exclusive insight from JP Morgan Software Engineer intern: Karen Vu!